I’m hanging out at cheebychumba‘s, watching The Office with him, his brother, his roommate, and his roommate’s girlfriend. I drove over in my pajamas, and post-shower, so when I go home tonight, I’ll go straight to bed. Well, I’ll be ABLE to. Who knows if I ACTUALLY will!

Anyway, helenatural does these… what I call positivity posts, and I figure it’s time for me to do one. It’s been a while. So here goes.


1. Getting a huge pat on the back for the Pre-K TE Style Guide I put together at work;
2. Good conversation with good people;
3. Finding a Burger King located fewer than five minutes from my apartment!!
4. Brownies fresh from the oven;
5. Newsies;
6. Free Cheryl & Co. cookies every month at work from a vendor. (Can’t wait for Snickerdoodle month!)
7. When boys call other boys “bitch”;
8. Tomorrow being FRIDAY;
9. Sudden, unexpected instances of being saved;
10. ♥

So, a few weeks ago, I was at work, talking to Tamera. Just about random stuff. She mentioned this planetarium she got from The Discovery Channel Store. You can set it to any part of the world, and it’ll project the stars onto your ceiling. She said it’s the coolest thing ever. That evening, I got home from work and opened a letter from meimeigui. In it was two gift cards; one of them $30 to The Discovery Channel Store. The planetarium? $29.99. Guess what I’m gonna use my gift card for when I go to that store this Sunday? :)

All right, gonna head out. I’ve gotta go home and go to bed. Or at least pretend I’m going there. ‘Til next time!

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