I’m sitting here FREEZING. My hands are like ice blocks, but I am hesitant to turn on the heater because my last gas bill was over $75, and that was with my thermostat being set at 64º or 65º for most of December. I’m thinking of investing in a space heater, because my electric bill is just over $30. Much more affordable.

Now I just need $20 for a space heater. OR I need to remember to bring the one I use at work home with me on cold evenings. Then I have to remember to take it back to work!

I had a really good weekend. Someone awesome spoiled me rotten, and got to eat at Morone’s, where I haven’t been in years!!! It was as delicious as I remember. Mmm, I love that place. They’re always hiring too, I wonder if I got a job hostessing there a couple nights a week would I get discounts on food? Meh, I’ve heard too many horror stories recently about how restaurant workers are treated; so it’s not likely.

Now I’m craving Morone’s again. Mmmmm.

My Web site host emailed me and told me they changed my password. I’d had the same password for anywhere-is for over six years now, so this new password thing is kind of annoying. It’s longer and more crazy than before. But that’s the thing now, strong passwords. And I’m cool with it. I’m down. Word.

Ivy (swankivy) showed me a Web site that allows one to look up his or her old sites on the internet. I did some searching and came across tons of old layouts I’d done for anywhere-is. And pixels! Clique graphics. Anyone remember the wormie clique? I had a blue one! And anyone remember The Cutie Factory? That site had the best pixels ever. There are still pixel-making sites out there, and I still LOVE collecting them. :)

A while ago, I’d posted the Aidan Mega Mix for people to download. I wasn’t sure if people with Macs or whatever could watch it. But I uploaded it to YouTube over the weekend, so behind the cut is a video that I made in late 2005 of Aidan being cute.

I plan to make a new video soon. You guys have to see this kid in action.

He’s been with my mom since the 6th of January, and I miss the little bugger.

Popped into a comic book store over the weekend. The Laughing Ogre. Had to see which Peach Girls I’d missed. I need 5-10, plus the Sae ones. Someday. Someday, perhaps. I also found myself drawn to the Baby-Sitters Club graphic novels. *looks around innocently* Didn’t buy anything, of course, but the place is a block and a half from me. I can walk there any time. If it would ever stop raining.

Actually, it did stop raining. Just in time for the weather to drop to “freeze your nutsack off” temperatures. Still not happy weather for me to walk in. I can’t wait until the late Spring, when the trees have pink blossoms all over them and it’ll be warm enough to walk without a jacket on. But it’s only January.

I have to do dishes. Eventually.

I did drop $8 I really can’t afford on jenlyn_b‘s new book Tattoo. I wanted to get robbiewriter‘s book Better Than Yesterday as well (I’ve heard awesome reviews about it), but I didn’t see it. Not that I had the money for it anyway–I think I’ll try to reserve it at the library, though. :D If it’s not there, then WAH. I’ll figure something out.

Who plans to watch American Idol tonight? I MIGHT. We’ll see. It depends on how well Fox will come in on my TV. I do it old school, see. I have rabbit ears. And sometimes the channels aren’t so clear. But that’s all right. Ha.


I’m experiencing a letdown right now. After such an awesome weekend, I’m readjusting and having kind of a hard time with it. I’m feeling depressed about my writing (or lack thereof) again. Big things coming up in the next few days that are on my mind. I’m cold. I’m also very tired. Early bedtime is on the agenda for tonight, I think. We’ll see how that goes, though.

I guess I’ll turn the heat on now. I’m freezing THROUGH MY SHOES. That’s bad.

‘Til next time.

P.S. I’m doing one of my favorite things right now. Reserving books at the library. Wooo!

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