Had the hearing this morning. The hearing that almost wasn’t! Due to misreading, then traffic, and then having to get searched! But it happened, it was painless and quick. It was my first time ever in a courtroom, and it was pretty. The magistrate was very nice.

I feel weird.

Exhausted. Not sure if it’s emotionally exhausted or physically exhausted. I got home around 10:15am, ate creamy chicken rice, and spinach (yes, at 10am!), read, and promptly crashed. Woke up about 2pm or so, played on the computer a bit, then headed out to do a few errands. Got restless and headed out again. I visited the library twice today–both times to pick up reserves. I have six new books to read! :) Ate dinner, finished reading Messenger, then fell asleep again! Weird dreams, which tend to happen when one naps. Only awakened when the phone rang.

All in all, a very relaxing evening. And I don’t have to get up incredibly early tomorrow morning, so I can read some more. Yay. The problem is… WHAT to read? Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator is proving to be very silly, and I can’t get into it as much as I’d like to. Maybe I’ll try it another time. So hmmm. Maybe Iggie’s House. I’ll probably finish it tonight, too.


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