I started to feel nauseated around 11pm. I thought it was the fried-food smell in my apartment–sometimes that scent throws me off. I burned a Nag Champa and went to bed. The Nag Champa did its job of covering the smell, and it also did its relaxing me trick. But the nausea was still there, just hiding under the Nag Champa magic. I was able to ignore it enough to fall asleep.

About 2am, I woke up, throwing the covers off of me, feeling REALLY bad. I knew something had to happen, just wasn’t sure what. Then I was all too sure. :( Doubley-sure, if you know what I mean.

I think Ramen noodles need to be excluded from my diet forever and ever and ever. :(

I took the morning off from work to recover, and will be heading out into the freezing cold 19ºF temps in a few minutes. Ack.

Still feeling tired. I don’t do it that often (thank goodness), but upchucking is really, really exhausting. Blah. Add that to the fact that there is no food in me (you’ll understand why I’m scared to put some in), I could totally sleep for another six to eight hours.

But now it’s off to work time. See ya.

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