I’d like to review adamselzer‘s book on Amazon or Barnes & Noble, however, I probably will not because the rules for customer reviewers are apparently different from those for “real” reviewers. For example, “real” reviewers can use the words “sex ed” and they can use “profanity” such as “wiseass,” or “smartass” but someone like me cannot.

That is really annoying, not to mention quite the double standard.

Over the past week, I got to watch some Sarah Silverman. Some of her jokes are very funny, but honestly, I think a lot of them are just plain MEAN. It’s one thing to poke fun at races or what not, but there is a difference between poking fun and at insulting, and she borderline insults people. I think that’s her way of really showing how ridiculous stereotypes are… but I can’t tell if she’s playing a role or if she really believes some of the things she says, like this one:

“Everyone knows that the best time to get pregnant is when you’re a black teenager.”

I know I’m ultra sensitive, though, and she’s brash and in-your-face with the slurs and such. While her show is just plain wacky, I’m not sure how I feel about her stand up material. With that said, some of her stuff is hilariously funny. Her joke about Martin Luther King farting in the car while his family is with him, then putting up all the windows and turning on the heat had me laughing for hours after hearing it.

And now I digress.

I found the service plan for my laptop, so I’m going to back up the most important things and then take it in this Wednesday. That’s the plan anyway—provided I’m not still hanging on to this cold that’s currently making me miserable.

Speaking of, it’s lunchtime aka naptime for me. Later!

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