I have problems.

First one is that I like JoJo’s new song “Too Little Too Late.” Why is this a problem? Well, the thing is, I never liked JoJo. I have a problem when it sounds like there are 20 of the person singing (unless it’s Enya singing Anywhere Is—she can do whatever she wants!). And I thought most of her songs were popish and boring. But I LOVE “Too Little Too Late.” And on that note, I love “Fergielicious” or whatever it is, also.

Second one is that I don’t know how to contain myself when I am at the library. I was in the library for maybe 10–15 minutes today and came out with SIX items. Seriously, I just pluck them off the shelf, one by one. Plop, plop, plop. One of the items is the movie Mad Hot Ballroom, which I’ve wanted to see ever since I saw the preview on one of my other DVDs. Granted, I had a couple of things on reserve, but what about the others?

Third one is that if I read the back of one more teen novel that says “So and so is freaking out because she doesn’t have a date to the prom” I’m going to SCREAM! I guess part of it is that well, I like teen novels and I guess teens are really hung up on prom? I never was hung up on it, so I don’t know. I decided two days before mine to go, wore a borrowed dress, and my mom dropped me off. Needless to say, I did not have a date. Anyway, the best book I read about the prom was well, Prom by Laurie Halse Anderson.

Fourth one is that I finished reading Impulse by Ellen Hopkins today on my lunchbreak and totally lost it right there at my desk. I had to go to the bathroom to compose myself. Thank you, Ellen, for being the author of the first book in 2007 to make me cry. Although I did come close with Such a Pretty Girl by Laura Weiss. But the point is that CRYING AT WORK IS NEVER COOL.

I think that’s all for now, as far as problems go. Now onto other stuff.

My jeans—my beautiful, expensive jeans that I cannot afford to replace—are not ruined after all!! Vigilant soaking and scrubbing took care of the *ahem* problem, and now they’re as good as new. Well, sort of. The point is that I can wear them again! YAY! Okay, I can wear them after I lose about five pounds, but the point is that I don’t have to mourn the loss of the only pair of expensive designer jeans I’m ever likely to own. And I CERTAINLY won’t mourn the loss of those five stupid pounds once they decide to leave me alone.

My laptop is working pristinely now. Got all that mean spyware off (there were no viruses) and now it’s no longer overheating and shutting off. It’s also running a lot faster than before. I’m still excited that I saved $130 because I have friends who are geeks smart. ;)

I found an awesome shortcut for my after-work commute. I take back roads—one of which conveniently lets me off right the library. I’ve managed to cut two minutes off of my commute by going the back way. Well, on days I don’t go to the library, anyway….

I NEED SOCKS. I have four pairs that don’t have holes in them. I love socks from Aeropostale, I do, but they’re cheap. I need some good socks, but cute ones. Once upon a time, I was able to buy L.E.I. socks at Meijer, but when I checked last night, there were none. Now I have to find a new place to find decently-made, cute socks. Any suggestions?

Also, I’m looking for a copy of Avril’s new one, “Girlfriend.” Such a bitchy song, but so much fun to sing. A little help, please?

It’s a bad thing when your electric heater falls and sounds like it’s going to break in March. The problem is that it’s almost impossible to get a replacement. The stores have replaced their heaters with grilling equipment, even though it’s still winter outside. Thank goodness for places like Home Depot. They seem to have heaters all the time.

Did you know that it’s National Sleep Week or something of that nature? And here I was going to feel guilty for wanting to take a nap all evening when I got home. But it turns out—well, sleeping is ENCOURAGED this week! How awesome!

If you are in the mood for some BIZARRE humor, watch The Fuccons: http://www.thefuccons.com

And finally, here is a way to get money while shopping and possibly save money too. Ebates is this cool site that gives you cash back if you use them as a portal of sorts for shopping. In addition, they have TONS of coupons you can use. And the stores are not wimpy. For example, you can get 4% cash back from Barnes and Noble. There are rebates for shopping at amazon.com as well. You also get cashback if you book travel from United or Expedia. Basically, just do your regular online shopping, but you get money back if you go through Ebates. Awesome, huh? If you want to sign up, use this link: http://www.ebates.com/rf.do?id=32695696 Once you make a purchase, we both get $5!

Holy cow, Ellen Hopkins just commented on my MySpace. *swoooooon* I love authors. Can’t wait ’til I’m one someday.

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