Month: April 2007

100 Truths

100 truths

1. real name ? Ronica
2. nickname ? Ronni
3. single or taken ? taken
4. zodiac sign ? sagittarius
5. male or female ? female
6. elementary ? Corlett and Benjamin Franklin
7. middle ? Whitney Young Intermediate (they weren’t called “middle schools” yet)
8. high ? John Adams High School
9. eye color ? hazel
10. hair color ? golden something or other
11. hair: long or short ? I wish it was long
12. do you think of yourself as attractive ? sometimes
13. do others find you attractive ? a few people
14. are you athletic ? no
15. are you a health freak ? no
16. height ? 5’1″
17. do you have a crush on someone ? yes
18. do you like yourself ? sometimes
19. piercings you’ve had ? ears, belly button
20. tattoos ? none
21. righty or lefty ? righty


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Nothing Much

It’s been a while, huh?

I’ve been pretty quiet over at the ole LJ as well. Stuff’s going on, but not enough to write about every single day, I suppose.

Here’s the quick rundown:

Work is the same. Just work. Actually, I spend a lot of time reading and reviewing books for VOICES. THAT part is fun. Getting paid to read books all day? I love it. Although, I do miss copyediting a nice, raw and really messed-up proof. But that time will come again soon enough.

Winter’s finally ending, but there is a bit more of me (like 8 pounds more) than there used to be, so I am hesitant to wear anything really cute. I have got to get this taken care of.

Reading a lot. Reviewing some books here:

Loving the movie Mean Girls all of a sudden. Good times.

That’s all for now. Just wanted to pop in and say hi. So hi.

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Guess Who

Comment anonymously with three clues to who you are. Make them hard. Then I’ll try to guess. If I don’t get it right, comment with another anonymous clue and I’ll guess again. If I don’t get it right then, go ahead and reveal yourself. :)

Good times.

(Limit 10!)

Limit’s been reached! Thanks everyone. Some of these are very hard! :(

(Originally done March 30, 2005, rules changed a bit this time around.)

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