Day: April 15, 2007

Sunday Evening

I just got out of the shower and now I am nice and clean. I must do my hair sometime this week, but to tide me over, I washed it tonight. It smells v. yummy.

You know how those search engine sites let you personalize a homepage? I use personalized Google homepage. They introduced themes a few weeks ago, and I picked the “Teahouse” theme. There’s a little animal—I’m not sure what he is, but he’s so cute. The theme is dynamic, so it changes with the time of the day. He picks fruit in the morning, he has a picnic during lunchtime, and he sleeps in a little sleeping bag at night. Right now, he’s feeding the ducks. He is so cute. I smile everytime I see him.

Here’s a screen shot:

Friday, tamirabeth and I had dinner at b-dubs. She treated me, which was so awesome of her. I ordered 12 wings. I usually order six. But this time I ordered 12 because I hadn’t eaten much all day and I was v. hungry. So, I ate all 12 wings, a regular-sized order of buffalo chips, and a few pieces of celery dipped in ranch dressing. Then I came home and ate a cookie, and a few pieces of candy while Tami and I watched Boondock Saints (woo, another convert!) and Cars. Part way through Cars, I started feeling like something was NOT RIGHT. I figured I’d just eaten too much, but my back was hurting really badly. After she left, I got sick. :( After it was over, I fell into a fitful sleep, upside down on the bed. I am hoping it wasn’t the chicken. I think it was probably the ranch dressing, or maybe I really did eat way too much. My stomach felt like it wanted to explode! So, I know, from now on. Six wings it is. I slept until 2pm on Saturday, but then I got up and worked my bootay off on unpacking and such. Then I watched FOUR episodes of The O.C. on DVD.

Today I watched Charlie’s Angels Full Throttle for the first time ever. I was all excited when I figured out one of the obscure references in the movie (clues) before the angels did. And Demi Moore is HOT. WOW. Go Ashton!!! :)

See if you can find the grammatical errors in the headline I’ve circled in the following graphic:

I can’t stop copyediting. Speaking of that, and work, I am now enrolled in a correspondence handwriting course. I did my first two lessons on Friday. My wrist was about to kill me. So were my fingers. I’m trying to retrain my muscles, but we’ll see if it works or not. I’m interested to see what my grade is. Believe it or not, manuscript is harder than cursive. A LOT harder.

I started reading The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. I doubt I finish it. I’ve been skipping around, but some of the things I’ve read I don’t think are very nice. I also wasn’t able to finish An Abundance of Katherines by John Green. There were too many footnotes. They were distracting me. I did review a couple more books at Ronni’s Reviews if you want to hop over and take a look. Maybe even comment. Hint hint.

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This post has no point. Okay then. See ya.

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What’s Goin’ On…

April 15th. A nice, round date.

So, instead of a guilt-free weekend of reading and bumming around, I spent it unpacking and arranging furniture, as most of the stuff of mine from Bauer Street arrived Thursday evening. I can’t believe how much stuff I have. So I started decluttering. I have a huge pile of stuff waiting for the dumpster, a lot of stuff to donate to Goodwill, and well, my place is very cosy now. I’m still not done, but I’ll post pictures when I DO get done, hopefully before summer hits. :)

I’d be working now, except I think I sprained my wrist, so I don’t have a lot of fun when lifting things right now. Eeek. I think it’s my wrist telling me to chill out and sit down. I did work hard today. Now I am making spaghetti to reward myself. :) Yum. I’m going to spend the evening watching DVDs and munching on good pasta. Yay.

The neighbor across the hall from me is insane. From time to time, she’ll get these notes from the rental office and stand in the hall screaming explicatives, but let three boys move my furniture in and she’ll yell (from behind her closed door) “HEY! STOP ALL THAT DAMN NOISE OR I’M GOING TO TELL THE LANDLORD!” Um, hi. The property manager and I are friends. Not only that, but THEY WERE MOVING FURNITURE. Chris finally yelled “IT’S CALLED MOVING, LADY!” And Aidan, the little parrot, would yell at her door every time SHE yelled “IT’S CALLED MOVING, WADY!”

So now, I have a futon that serves as a couch, bookcases for all my books, an entertainment center for my TV, DVD player and DVDs, and a desk for non-computery stuff, and a dresser. Aidan has a bed in his room now, that I will make up with the Mickey Mouse sheets I used in college (he specially asked for Mickey Mouse). I also have a nice baker’s rack in the kitchen. It looks like home in here. It’ll look better once I get all the rest of the stuff cleaned up.

Okay, dinner’s ready! See ya!

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