April 15th. A nice, round date.

So, instead of a guilt-free weekend of reading and bumming around, I spent it unpacking and arranging furniture, as most of the stuff of mine from Bauer Street arrived Thursday evening. I can’t believe how much stuff I have. So I started decluttering. I have a huge pile of stuff waiting for the dumpster, a lot of stuff to donate to Goodwill, and well, my place is very cosy now. I’m still not done, but I’ll post pictures when I DO get done, hopefully before summer hits. :)

I’d be working now, except I think I sprained my wrist, so I don’t have a lot of fun when lifting things right now. Eeek. I think it’s my wrist telling me to chill out and sit down. I did work hard today. Now I am making spaghetti to reward myself. :) Yum. I’m going to spend the evening watching DVDs and munching on good pasta. Yay.

The neighbor across the hall from me is insane. From time to time, she’ll get these notes from the rental office and stand in the hall screaming explicatives, but let three boys move my furniture in and she’ll yell (from behind her closed door) “HEY! STOP ALL THAT DAMN NOISE OR I’M GOING TO TELL THE LANDLORD!” Um, hi. The property manager and I are friends. Not only that, but THEY WERE MOVING FURNITURE. Chris finally yelled “IT’S CALLED MOVING, LADY!” And Aidan, the little parrot, would yell at her door every time SHE yelled “IT’S CALLED MOVING, WADY!”

So now, I have a futon that serves as a couch, bookcases for all my books, an entertainment center for my TV, DVD player and DVDs, and a desk for non-computery stuff, and a dresser. Aidan has a bed in his room now, that I will make up with the Mickey Mouse sheets I used in college (he specially asked for Mickey Mouse). I also have a nice baker’s rack in the kitchen. It looks like home in here. It’ll look better once I get all the rest of the stuff cleaned up.

Okay, dinner’s ready! See ya!

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