Day: May 7, 2007

Chicago (Lots of Pictures!)


Spent another weekend in awesome Chicago with awesome adamselzer. The weather was still cooler than I would have liked (but much better than the 2º F foolishness that was going on the last time I was there), but I had a good time anyway. I got to eat Chicago-style hotdogs and duck fat fries at Hot Doug’s, I went on Ken’s Weird Chicago tour (I’d only been on Adam’s prior, and it was when it was brand new), got freaked the hell out in the Liar’s Club (I feel like I got freaked out in there the first time), ran into Hector from the Chicago Hauntings tour—first at Ft. Dearborn (in all fairness, Adam and I did stage that) and also at the site of the Eastland Disaster—and well, had a great time all weekend, really.

I got time to act like a total tourist and to take lots of pictures, so here goes:


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Home Is Where the Heart Is

Well, my “home” is Columbus, but you all know where my heart really is.

After some about an hour-long delay at Midway Airport, Southwest Airlines Flight 2220 departed at about 10:30pm CST, 55 minutes behind schedule. What is it with me NEVER getting back to Columbus on time? Hmmm. Maybe Chicago loves me so much that it doesn’t want to let me go. ;)

Someday it won’t have to.

I’m tired, but just wanted to let those of you who were wondering if I made it home okay…yes, I’m home. I’m going to bed. I’m TIRED.

But it was so worth it. Details and pictures soon. ♥

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