Um. I tried to put 60¢ in the vending machine to get out a Diet Mountain Dew and the machine happily ate 50¢ before I wised up and decided not to give it anything else. I guess the self-stick notes indicating that it had stolen $1.10 from two other people should given me some sort of indication to stay away, but as I said, I am caffeine deprived. So now I’m drinking Dr. Pepper (compliments of John), which is bad on three levels. First, it’s pop (I know, I know, I was going to drink Mountain Dew which is pop, but somehow it doesn’t seem as big of an offense as brown pop). Second, it’s brown. I tend to avoid brown pop because I don’t like it as much. Third, it has 150 calories. *sigh*

A week ago, I put in 60¢, selected a Diet Mountain Dew, and got a regular Sprite.

ZB is switching vending companies in about five weeks. Thank goodness.

Today might be the day I finish 100 books for the year!! I just got the latest Au Pairs novel by Melissa de la Cruz. It’s called Crazy Hot. Her 2nd Blue Bloods book (Masquerade) is at home as well. It kind of drives me nuts when an author comes out with 2 or more books in the same month. She and Meg Cabot do it all the time. All I have to say is thank God for Columbus Metropolitan Libraries. I’d never be able to read all the books I want to read if I had to buy them all. There’s no way I could afford it. But the teen selection at my library is amazing, and what they don’t have at the branch I go to most often, I can reserve. Now I’m just waiting for Confessions, the next book in the Private series. I’m #1 on the reserve list (for that and some other things too, yay). I’m going to have to take the next few weeks and go into a reading frenzy again—there are tons I want to read.

Oooh! My friend Elizabeth’s cat had seven kittens yesterday morning! Last night, I got to see them and hold them. Mom was very gracious and sweet and very generous, letting us hold her little babies. I’ve never seen kittens that tiny before, and their little squeaks! Oh my gosh!! So freakin’ adorable! If Elizabeth’s around tonight, I’m going to take Aidan to see the kittens. I think he’ll love seeing them.


What’s frustrating is that I had to get new jeans last night because most of mine just feel icky anymore. I tried on the 28″ waist and they were way too big. I’m wearing the 27″ waist right now. They felt fine early this morning and last night when I was trying them on. Now they’re binding. I know exactly why, too, and I hate it. :( I don’t know if anything will fix this problem, outside of surgery or starving myself, neither which I want to particularly do, although I’m not going to lie. If I could afford lypo and a tummy tuck, I’d do it in a heartbeat. That’s the only thing on my body that I am so very unhappy with.

But whatever. It’s not going away no matter what I do. I have genetics and a past c-section to thank for that.

Yeah, my mood is kind of weird if you haven’t guessed. So is the music I’m listening to.

‘Til next time.

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