WOW I was lazy today. I mean, shamefully lazy. Oh well.

I got Aidan to sleep in his own room last night! I was so excited. This is such a milestone. I knew I’d won when he started going “Mommy, why are you in my room!” And then, he asked me to lie with him “way with me, mommy”, and I said for five minutes only. He counted to five. I got the hint. It was cool. Now, he was up at 6:30, saying “MOMMY IT’S MORNING!” But he climbed into bed with me and fell asleep again almost right away. Unfortunately, I was up, so I lay there, trying to go back to sleep.

I fight sleep like crazy when I am not supposed to be sleeping, like, during work for instance. But as far as trying to sleep during allotted sleep times (such as night), I have the hardest time. I’m just uncomfortable and my mind races and my heart pounds. It’s annoying.

I took lots of mini naps today during the marathon of movies that Aidan watched: The Little Mermaid (1.5 times), Lady and the Tramp (1.5 times) and Powerpuff Girls (he’s on his 2nd run-through right now). Mojo Jo Jo is a bitch.

I also wrote and read in between naps. I managed to clean Aidan’s room and my room a bit, too. I have a LOT of clothes. The frustrating part is that I can’t fit 65% of them anymore, so I’ll be donating a lot. I guess I have to start downsizing like crazy ANYWAY because the thought of moving all this stuff two states over is really overwhelming, but not as overwhelming as trying to think of a place to put it all once I DO move.

The place is a mess now, and there’s no way I’m going to be able to make it very neat—there’s no where near enough room for all the stuff I have, and there’s still stuff at Bauer Street I need to bring (God, a whole room of stuff, HELP). I think I’m going to do what my mom did and get those vaccuum bags that you can suck all the air out and smash stuff, like all my stuffed animals and out-of-season clothes. I have more stuff to donate, too. I’ve GOT to declutter. GOT to.

Last night, I made enough chicken parmesan (it’s YUMMY) to last me until Monday. And celinedion ROCKS like whoa because she hooked me up with some Celine music I’d been missing, and packed them into these neat, pretty CD sleeves, and included an awesome postcard. I ♥ Erin. Muchas.

I have a busy travel week next week. Wednesday evening, I’m going to Indianapolis for a copy editor convention on Thursday. Then I come back Thursday night, pack like crazy, and then leave early, early Friday morning for California for meimeigui‘s wedding!!!! YAY travel. Yay photo ops. YAY for hanging out with awesome people!

Whoa because May has sped by.

Happy Birthday to birdcalling!!!!!!!

…and I guess that’s all for now.


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