Day: May 29, 2007


What a morning.

I woke up, got ready, made my lunch, and headed out to my car. Noticed some things missing from the console area—my brand new iPod for one, and my really retro sunglasses. I sat there and puzzled and puzzled how someone could have gotten that stuff out, then noticed one of my windows was smashed. The back right window. Then I noticed that my console was messed up a bit—the scum-sucking low-life had tried to get out my stereo but couldn’t. Now, Aidan’s booster seat is covered in glass, which pisses me off. I had to take today and tomorrow off from work.

But I have friends who came through for me in big ways. And the repair cost for the window is barely a dent. The place is right next door to me (literally). And today and tomorrow are unpaid days, but because of my friends, I don’t have to worry about the $ situation due to taking the unpaid days off.

I’m gonna be okay. As soon as I can shake this violated and no-longer-safe feeling, and the stomachache and the headache from the stress. Oh yeah, and the beating up myself because I was dumb enough to leave the iPod in my car in the first place. I swear, I’m so fucking stupid sometimes.

I’m just glad my computer wasn’t in the car.

** Update (with pictures) about my adventures with meimeigui coming soon. Right now, I’m just too tired on many levels to think about it much. But I do have to say that she was the most beautiful bride I have ever, ever, ever seen. Ever.

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