It’s been a while, again. I still primarily update at my LiveJournal, but for the two of you (if even that many) who still lurk around here, well, here’s a quick rundown:

1. I went to Chicago to visit Adam the first weekend in May.
2. It was during that trip that I started making concrete plans about moving/living there.
3. I took Aidan to visit my mom for Mother’s Day. Got a flat tire on the way home. Went back to my mom’s for an extra night.
4. Check engine light came on in the car, and went off randomly.
5. Went to Indianapolis with three of my co-workers for a copy editor’s convention. It was neat, and the weather was perfect.
6. Went to San Jose/San Francisco during Memorial Day weekend for Rosa’s wedding. It was awesome.
7. Got my car broken into, my iPod and a pair of sunglasses stolen.
8. Fell into a depression and generally felt tearful and unstable for several days.
9. Quit writing about 485 times.

I also started a YA book review site: Ronni’s Reviews. Freaked out when the check engine light came on AGAIN (this time it went off after two days). Felt out of it, lost, rejected, lonely, and hopeless. Not a good combo.

And that leads me to now. Trying to eat better, trying to be more mentally healthy, and EVEN TRYING TO EXCERCISE.

I need to get the bedtime thing down, though. My nightowl tendencies are frighteningly strong, however….

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