I’m in Chicago now. Wheeee!!!

Me and My Favorite Skyline!

I got in early yesterday morning, and I’m having a fun time. Of course, as it’s my favorite city ever.

As a future resident, I figure I should maybe hit all the touristy stops now. So off to Navy Pier we went.

Skyline from Navy Pier
Skyline from Navy Pier.

Navy Pier
Walking down the Pier.

Random Letters & Numbers
Random Numbers & Letters.

Windy, one of the tour boats.

Ferris Wheel

Okay, I totally made that up. It wasn’t my idea at all to go to Navy Pier. I’m glad we went, though, not just because of the photo ops, and it was a beautiful day, but also because I got to have a strawberry-filled churro. I hadn’t had a churro since I went to Disneyland with confusified in 2005. Adam wanted to go to Navy Pier, where I saw, for the first time, the local band The Polkaholics. Middle-aged guys take guitars and put a whole new spin on polka music. As one who had not been that exposed to polka to begin with, it was quite the interesting time. They sang out beer a lot. They also had bubble machines which I thought was totally sweet. I wanted to play in them but I talked myself out of it.

The Polkaholics
The Polkaholics!

Adam Dancing to Polka
Adam dancing to polka.

They had a hula-hooping contest during one of the songs.

Hula Hoop Contest

I’ve never seen a boy hula-hoop like Adam does. It was awesome:

Adam Kicking Butt at Hula Hooping!  :)

Adam Hula Hooping!  :)

Later, a few of us headed out to stalk the set of the new Batman movie. We went to the 13th, 11th, and 10th floor of a parking garage to see if we could get a good view. The buildings around the set were lit up with these HUGE stage lights, so downtown looked really pretty.

Downtown Chicago

Directions to the Set
This way, folks!

Props, with a warning that they could detonate, so not to use cell phones around them.

The Set
The actual set. We saw Batman and lots of Batman stunt doubles, and we saw the Batmobile! You can actually see the Batmobile in the picture if you look closely. It’s to the right of that big light pole.

The Staker-Outers
The Staker-Outers: Adam, Me, Deborah, Jeff
(I have to say that I had a BLAST singing Disney songs with Deborah, especially Newsies).

Long, fun day. Yay. My time here always goes way too quickly. I am so excited for next year.

More soon! :)

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