This is not likely to be a period of great emotional distress for you, but you do feel a bit restless and dissatisfied with your current situation. Your responsibilities and duties — to your job, your family, your church or any other compelling force — feel limiting now. You feel hampered by what you think you have to do and therefore are hindered in doing whatever it is that you wish you could do. Your larger life goals are beckoning to you now, tempting you to throw everything aside and launch after them in pursuit. Alternatively, you could be feeling held back by duty from the far more pleasurable pursuits you would like to engage in. This period lends itself to excess; trying to stick to a strict schedule, diet or budget will prove quite difficult, if not impossible. Whether your urge is to eat a third slice of pie or to quit your job and move to Tahiti, though, try to hold yourself back from doing anything truly rash. Success cannot be forced prematurely. Rather than lunging after what you want in a graceless effort, use the current energy to come up with a clear, solid plan of how you will attain your goals.

I couldn’t have said it better myself. Except, change Tahiti to Chicago.


It’s just one more year. One more year. What’s a year in the grand scheme of things? NOTHING, right? Nothing.

Right then. Clear, solid plans. I’m on it.

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