Month: July 2007

Nothing says, ‘I have no idea what to get you,’ quite like giant beige bath towels. – Missbhavens

As usual, Sundays go way too quickly. It’s kind of annoying.

I decided to do the 101 in 1001. My list is here: 101 in 1001 || RonniStyle. My start date is tomorrow. I plan to keep most of my updates about it there, but I’ll probably talk about it here from time to time as well. I saw that lovely_lunai was doing it, and I think starlit12 is doing it as well. Good times.

Last weekend, Aidan and his dad went to Kentucky. Here are some pix from that trip:

…check it out…

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Grumble Rumble

I am actually physically pissed off at how slowly this day is going.

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This is annoying.

The fact that the entire system shut down when I put in a picture CD is not okay.

My browser (Flock) is the only thing responding at the moment. And it takes about ten minutes to get this thing up and running again, so I’m not keen on rebooting.


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Live Journal is down at the moment, so I am posting here. Not that I have much to say or anything.

I’ve decided to do the 101 in 1001 thing. I’ve been compiling the list for a few days now, and I’d considered putting together a special Web page for it at Anywhere Is, but we’ll see. I’ll probably just do one on here. Another Blogger page. Heh.

The computer is lagging a bit, but it’s not as slow as it can be at times. The screen on my laptop is going. I just have to back up a few things, then I’m going to take it in soon. I have that three-year service plan, so I should hope I’d get a brand new computer. That whole issue with the scalding hot power adapter does not sit well with me either. It’s dangerously hot.

I need a new laptop anyway. I think it’s time. Again, I just have to back up some music (I think it might be backed up, actually) and a few graphics and documents, clear off all the sensitive data, and I should be all set. If the plan does indeed cover a new laptop due to the screen going out, then YAY. I can get a new one sooner than I anticipated.

But we’ll see. These days, seems like big companies don’t want to do anything but rip people off.

The lagging is annoying me, so I’m gonna run. Bedtime anyway. Byeeee.

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Despite all the stuff going on in July, this month’s creeped by. I think it has to do with the fact that Adam is coming to visit in two weeks, and that just seems like an eternity away. July just seems to have an extra week more than other months. *sigh*

Well, someday, I’ll be living in Chicago, so I won’t feel like I’m constantly WAITING for something boring or obligatory to be over so I can get to the fun stuff—the stuff that never lasts long enough. I’m not going to lie. Waiting 6–8 weeks to see someone for 3 days sucks, and it’s very frustrating. Waiting for the weekends, those days that speed by in the blink of an eye. Or waiting two weeks for payday when I don’t really get to enjoy the money as it all goes to bills and rent and gas and food. Yes, I spend a lot of time feeling frustrated.

But oh well. That’s life for now. Always waiting, never satisfied.

Even though I try. I try to latch on to the little things that come up here and there so I won’t feel like I’m waiting for stuff that’s so far off it’s still pretty much a pipe dream. But even still, looking forward to those little things means MORE waiting.

I’m tired of waiting. I want to LIVE.

Finished the new Harry Potter book. All I’m going to say is that I’m happy with how things turned out.

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