The neighbor’s skanky bath water keeps draining into MY bathtub. Most of the time, I don’t ever know it because it usually drains out without a trace. The first time I’d noticed it was months ago, and I hadn’t seen it since.

This morning, it drained out and left a disgusting black film all over my tub.

I was almost asleep just now when I heard water dripping and splashing. My tub has a small drip, but NOT a splash.

It woke me up.

More skanky bathwather.

And now it won’t drain out at all.

And stupid me forgot to mention it when I was in the rental office to drop off my rent check this afternoon.

This is disgusting.

Calling maintanance first thing in the morning.

On top of this, I feel sick and icky in general.



P.S. Those of you who wanted POWNCE invites, I need your email addresses.

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