What constitutes a Good Mail Day for me:

1. No bills
2. A package
3. A letter

One or all of the above qualities. And all THREE happened today!

I got a package from Rosa (meimeigui) with two packages of stationery, pictures, and a new shirt.
Here I am modeling the shirt (picture one—uncombed hair and such, picture two—all nice and neat):

So, as you can see, Rosa has good taste. She can pick out my clothes any day. Er, actually, when clothes fly into her cart at Target, she can have me help her out with wearing them. And when MaiDo forces her to buy stationery that she can’t use because it’s pink, well, I’m VERY glad to help her out by using it myself.

Yeah, that’s it.

I have a feeling Aidan will approve of the shirt.

I’m totally wearing it to work tomorrow.

Thanks, Rosa!! ♥

Then, I got a letter from Wanda (wlotus). Wheeeee! I love good mail days. Now, the irony of all that is that I need to go to the post office. Eep. I mean, it’d be nice to be able to SEND the letters I’ll be writing, right?

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