I started feeling not so good last night about 8pm, so I went to bed early pretty much right after Big Brother went off. I got woken up by the drain thing (see below), but then I went right back to bed after posting. I woke up this morning still feeling icky, but I talked myself into going to work. On the drive in, I knew I’d made a mistake, but I also know that you have to let them know 30 minutes before you’re supposed to be in that you’re taking off. In other words, it was too late to call and say I wasn’t going to be in. So I went into work and stayed for 90 minutes, feeling quite icky, then I came back home. The drive, normally 11–12 minutes, felt like an hour. I just wanted to get into bed.

I have no idea what was wrong, except that my stomach was bumbly and that I was shaking and my arms just felt like Jell-O, plus a headache was brewing. I think coming home and resting helped clear up whatever was going on. I feel better now, but still extra tired. And that migraine is still a threat. I hope it doesn’t bloom, I had plans to take Aidan to the park tomorrow and let him use my Sony digital camera to take as many pictures as he wants. Maybe even have a picnic, although HE’LL want McDonalds (blech; ironic because I used to love it) and I’ll want KFC. (We’ll more than likely eat spaghetti here at home). Plus, I have new movies for him to watch.

So I hope I’ve managed to stave off whatever was threatening me.

Maintenance came and did a lot of work in my drain. I hope that the icky drain thing is resolved or at least better.


Oh wow. While looking for a clear Memory Stick for Aidan, I found one full of pictures of The Grand Canyon from when zenosidal went in February of 2006. As he steals pictures from me all the time, I’m sure he won’t mind if I nip a few bunch of his. Some of them are awesome.

And actually, I have a ton of OLD pictures I want to upload to Flickr, so expect to see some blasts from the past showing up this weekend, probably.

Time to go get Aidan.

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