Today is only Monday, isn’t it?


But Monday is almost over for me, at any rate. Then it’ll be Tuesday. Then it’ll be time to watch the new Harry Potter movie. Whee.

I got interesting mail today.

I had to clean everything out of one of the bookcases in Aidan’s room so the plumber could have access to the wall panel. Something huge got stuck in the drain and they have to bring out the big guns to get it, I suppose. Not only that, but I’m tired of the neighbor’s crap draining into my tub. Ew.

I am frustrated beecause my place is a mess. And to mess something up that had been someone organized is annoying. But at least they’ll fix the drains, I hope.

I hate fruit flies. I also hate looking pregnant.

I love spaghetti, and lavender, though. In fact, my mouth wants spaghetti now. But seeing the way I look right now—yeah, I’m gonna resist.

I wish I could afford organic and natural products. Foods, lotions, soaps, all that.

I want to read Small Town Girl again but I’m not sure where I put the book. It might be buried in the trunk of my car. That is a scary thought.

Bath, then bed time.

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