Day: July 11, 2007

A Few HP Pix (Pictures)

Does this mean I’m a Death Eater?

I didn’t take a ton of pictures last night because I wasn’t exactly sure if we were allowed, but now I have the flyer, and this group ( is going to be at the theatre through Sunday and it says “Bring your camera and get pictures with your favorite characters from the film!” Those of you who have been reading this for some time know that I LOVE character greetings and getting my picture with characters. I am so tempted to go back there tomorrow evening and see if I can’t get some pix with some of the characters.

Anyway, here are my favorites from last night.


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I Think I’ll Have Some Pudding Now

Last night I did what no sane person who has to work every day, reading no less, from 7:30am-4pm would do:

I went to a midnight showing of the new Harry Potter movie.

Actually, it was a 12:04am showing. The midnight show was sold out. As was the 12:01am, the 12:03am, the 12:05am, the 12:06am. The 12:07am still had openings as of 6pm yesterday.

When 12:04am came and went with the screen still showing fuzzy ads, the teenagers in the theatre started getting loud. One guy yelled out “THIS IS PREPOSTERUS!” which I found hilarious. I was in my element, though, being surrounded by teens. Most adults hate them, but I’ve always gotten along well with teens. They fascinate me.

The movie started almost ten minutes late, and then we had to sit through all the previews. Blah. (Although, now I have Get Smart and The Golden Compass on my radar).

Anyway….this is cut for spoilerish info.

The Movie!

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