Had an okay Sunday. I was actually kind of productive, if you want to know the truth. I sort of organized my CDs (I actually simply repacked most of them), and I partnered the missing cases with their CD counterparts. I still have a lot of blank cases and CDs that don’t seem to know where they go, so I guess I have some more work to do. And I didn’t find my Boys II Men Motownphilly CD. Boo.

Last month, Adam gave me a VCR because he knew I’d wanted one and that they’re stupidly expensive. He had an extra randomly lying around, and offered it to me. THAT was fun getting home on the plane, let me tell you. :) Anyway, I finally got around to hooking it up today, and the Playstation I got from my mom’s on Christmas. YAY, right? I spent hours watching old MMC episodes. OMG yes, I can still do a LOT of the dance steps. It’s been 14 years, but I picked up on those steps like it was yesterday. That’ll help keep me in shape, that’s for sure. I had fun going down MMC/Memory Lane. I have tapes and tapes of MMC stuff to watch, not to mention tapes of movies like Little Girls in Pretty Boxes (a Lifetime Original starring Swoosie Curtz!), and I should have the video of when I actually met MMC. Good times. It’s so cool to have a VCR again. All I need now is a universal remote. And a memory card for the Playstation. I wonder if they’re really cheap for the original? I suppose I can check at Buy It/Trade It, because as usual, people on eBay overcharge for shipping. Greedy-you-know whats. I’m not dumb enough to think it costs $8 to ship a freakin’ one ounce piece of equipment.

I didn’t eat much today, but I think what I ate was good. I had a small Healthy Choice frozen dinner. It was on sale for $1.84 and I wanted something quick. I am usually wary of frozen dinners because they tend to have a LOT of sodium. But this had only about 500 mgs of sodium (2 grams per day is what my mom, who has a heart condition, is allowed to have, and I try to keep within that range for myself). The meal was chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, and green beans and carrots. I also supplemented with a serving of sauteed fresh spinach and a slice of wheat bread. Yummy.

Big Brother. This is my feeling about it right now: >.< *sigh* Blah. It's already after 10pm. Another long week ahead, but at least there is a new HARRY POTTER book at the end. I hope the week doesn't go by too terribly slow, as I'll be looking forward to that greatly. I will shut myself off from the world next weekend, so if you call or anything, don't be offended if I don't answer. Just sayin'. G'night.

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