BIG THANK YOU TO varianjohnson! Thanks to him, I can listen to Do Me! by BBD anytime I feel like it. Awesome, awesome, awesome.


I owe the IRS money. They’re going to start taking money out of my account on September 15th. That sucks. And they’re all “you didn’t pay your taxes in full blah blah blah so we’re going to charge penalties and interest blah blah blah” but at least I know when money is going to start coming out so I can budget accordingly. Just know that very few people will be getting presents from me for birthdays and holidays for a long time.

Whatever. As I just told adamselzer, I’m a financial black hole. :( He says one day we’ll be so rich we will look back at this and laugh. Here’s hoping.

But now that I think of it, I couldn’t be a black hole, because that would mean I’m sucking all the money in and it’ll never come out again. All of my money flies away from me at a frightening and alarming rate as costs rise while income stays stagnant… yeah. Whatever. I owe money and it sucks. It’s just like a damn credit card bill and I got rid of those stupid things in April. Grr.


I got drink coupons from Southwest! I earned my first Rapid Reward last month (free flight, hello!), and I asked for drink coupons. They gave me four!

I was going through all my CDs over the weekend, looking for Motownphilly (didn’t find it), and I came across a CD single for Crazy by Aerosmith. I don’t remember when I got it, probably last summer. I’d apparently never bothered to listen to it (it was $1), but there are these orchestral versions of Crazy and Amazin’ (my favorite Aerosmith song) that are just lovely. There’s also an acoustic Crazy.

Oh, and zenosidal wants me to tell you that Longaberger has online shopping now:
He says if you buy something to enter his consultant number in checkout: 1762744

Hit the library today, the first time in a while. I got out four books and the soundtrack for Oklahoma!. For fun, I reserved the new Harry Potter book. I was number 2707. Bwah? I took myself off the list after I saw that. Some people are going to be waiting a long time. I wonder how many copies the library ordered?

What are everyone’s plans for the Harry Potter release craziness? Some place around here is even having a party on his birthday (July 31st?).

Big Brother tonight. I read the blog of someone who watches the feeds, so I already know who won POV. I’m interested to see what goes down as a result of that.

I’m in the mood to watch Mad Hot Ballroom. I need to eventually own that movie. I’ll reserve it again, as I’ve put Netflix on hold until October 15, and I will probably cancel it altogether once the hold comes off of my account. I love that they let you do that, though. But let’s see, what do I want more? A couple of hours watching a DVD at night, or to move to Chicago? Yeah, thought so. Bye, bye Netflix. Especially considering I have at least six DVDs that are still sealed! Plus, there is always the library.

Besides all of these reasons for moving to Chicago:
1. adamselzer
2. saintscribble, projectlost1, jebbyk, libbydabomb, firessong, ralinad, and other assorted people who aren’t on LJ but are still v. cool
3. There is always something to do
4. GD
5. Lake Michigan
6. D’amatos bread
7. Hot Doug’s
8. Sip
9. all kinds of other sweeet stuff

There is Anderson’s Bookshop. This shop hosts the yearly Children’s Literature Breakfast, but it also gets the most awesome authors in for signings and readings and such. For example, next month, they’re getting Stephenie Meyer, Gail Carson Levine, Jennifer Crusie & Bob Mayer. In May, they had Meg Cabot. They also had Lauren Myracle at some point. It’s in the burbs, but as I’ll have my car, it’ll be easy to get there.

The travel bug’s biting. Anyone want to fly me somewhere to hang out? Kidding. Sort of.

That’s all for now.

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