Rosa (meimeigui) nudged me, and people have been calling/emailing whatnot, so I guess I should update.

It’s just that I’ve been busy and/or very tired. It’s gonna be a stretch for me to get this entry out because I’d rather be sleeping. Dinner first, though, once I post this entry.

The craziness started last weekend. Not the one that just past, the one before that. The first weekend in August. Saturday, I cleaned like a fiend. Sunday, My old college roommate Sheryl was in town, so we had brunch. I got to nap a bit after she left, then my friend Angelo and I went out for Mexican. We had the best conversation ever, and the best Mexican food ever, which I am now craving like some kind of fiend. But I’m gonna wait until this weekend, after payday and after I’ve eaten all the leftovers in my fridge.

Monday afternoon, another old college friend Dave (who just happens to be an ex-boyfriend) called, as he was in town from Los Angeles. I got to hang out with him and meet his doll of a wife, Angie. Let me tell you what a crazy evening that was. My ex-boyfriend with his wife, my ex-husband, my son, and me, all hanging out. It was loads of fun. We walked around the Ohio State campus, took the ubiquitous trips down memory lane, had dinner at b-dubs, and took loads of pix.

Dave Takes a Pic
Dave and I took pix of each other, b/c we have the same camera. :)

Angie & Dave
Angie & Dave. They’re so good together, it’s awesome.

Ronni & Angie
Angie and me. “We’re cute!”

Mirror Lake
Mirror Lake

Aidan, Dave, Chris
Aidan, Dave, and and Chris
Room 206 in Harrison House Apartments was the first ever co-ed apartment in the building. Dave and Chris both lived there, and as I was dating Dave at the time, I was an honorary resident.

Aidan and Me
Not sure what this circular thing is. It’s just always been there. Dave had the idea to take pix with it.

Serious Aidan
Aidan has this thing where he’s very serious in his photos anymore. This was at b-dubs, where he was actually having a good time despite what this picture may lead you to believe.

Angie and Aidan
When I first met Angie, I warned her that my son was going to instantly fall in love with her. And seriously, he took one look at her and was smitten. A true conversation later that night:
Ronni: Did you like Angie and Dave?
Aidan: I only liked Angie.

Dave and Angie live in Los Angeles. Angie is a news photographer, and Dave is a reporter for the CBS affiliate station out there, so if you watch the local news, tune to KCBS and give my friends some love! ♥

Some people will probably think it’s strange that we all were able to hang out, but I guess I’ve usually lived with the mindset of why can’t we all be friends, ya know? For some reason, it’s a shock to me when some people balk at that idea, although it shouldn’t shock me. Love affairs and former love affairs can be tricky and tumultuous.

So, anyway, after that busy and fun-filled evening (which the weather was dreadfully hot and you know for ME to say it’s hot, it has to be nearly hellacious out there), late that evening, Adam (adamselzer) came in to town to spend a few days with me, to do a book signing, and to see the Weird Al concert at the Ohio State Fair. I also dragged him to a Zaner-Bloser sales reception because seriously, I was not about to pass up free food and booze.

Adam's Sign
The Sign! Jen saintscribble, they used lots of your pix for the signs!

Adam's Columbus Book Signing
The man himself.

I didn’t get pix at the ZB reception which is a shame because I looked really pretty. LOL.

Wednesday, we hit the Ohio State Fair. Waited ’til the evening because it was really terribly hot. It was better in the evening. I ate my philly cheesesteak and fries and deep-fried twinkie. Adam had a roast beef sundae which was amazing. He also rode the giant slide. I rode the swings. We rode Power Surge, which I think traumatized Adam for life. The Weird Al concert was hilarious.

Adam on the Big Slide
On the Giant Slide

Adam after the Big Slide!
He’s pleased. Unlike when he rode the Power Surge. LMAO.

Adam's in Trouble

Adam & Me
Adam & Me, before the Weird Al concert.

Weird Al Concert
A pic from the Weird Al concert. Pretty good seats for just having gotten the tix that morning, huh? :)

I dropped Adam off at the airport Thursday afternoon. I was very sad. I was even sadder because I had to go to work right after. Oh well. At least I got to go see Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix again, this time with my co-worker Tracie. That whole Ministry of Magic scene gets me fired up and makes me want to learn wand-fighting.

Friday, I took off work. I was worn out and didn’t feel good, and I slept all day. I had barely enough energy to go to the fair again with Aidan and Chris. I was cranky at first, but watching Aidan on the rides is sure to put anyone in a good mood. As does eating food that’s really not healthy for me, such as half of Aidan’s pizza, bacon cheddar fries, a deep fried strawberry shortcake, and a deep fried PB&J sandwich. Hmm. No wonder I feel icky.

But anyway, Aidan was so cute! He asked to go on the roller coaster, and it was fun giving him the ride tickets and letting him choose what he wanted to go on! He screamed his little head off on the coaster, and he even had his little hands in the air.

Aidan on the Coaster
Aidan on the Kiddie Coaster

Aidan on the Coaster
Aidan on the Coaster. He had a BLAST!

Having a Great Time!
Again, with the serious Aidan face. He really looks like he’s having a crappy time. And this was well before the “No, you’re not getting cotton candy yet” argument.


More fireworks!

So, that was that. Probably my last time ever going to the Ohio State Fair!!! But Adam says he’ll take me to the Iowa State Fair, so that’s something to look forward to. I can see myself coming back to Columbus for the Ohio State Fair some year, though. :)

Saturday, I drove Aidan up to Cleveland so he could stay with my mom for the week. My mom took me to Marc’s and bought me tons of groceries and dry goods, including six bags of some sort of chips, the most amazing-smelling lavender Ivory shower gel, and these really yummy Oreo cookie cake things. I won’t have to buy dry goods for at least a month and a half now, all I have to do is keep up on lunch meats and breads, which is really great for my wallet. :)

I’d planned on staying the night which was a good, good thing because my cousins came over. I hadn’t seen them in years, so we spent a lot of time catching up and were up until about 1am!!! We had pizza, acted silly, talked, and it was awesome.

Aidan taking a picture of himself, my mom, and Janae

Janae & Aidan
Janae and Aidan. Dude, I remember when Janae was Aidan’s age. She was BAD.

Mommy, Aidan, Janae, and Terri, outta control! :D
(Mommy would kill me if she knew I posted this….)

Terri, Aidan, Me
Terri (who’s always been one of my favorite cousins), Aidan, and Me

So as you can see, I’ve been very busy and uncharacteristically social. It’s fun but so draining, as I usually spend a lot of time by myself these days. Still, I’m glad I got to hang out with all those cool people. Now, I’m going to have dinner and read Tara Road (again). I’m also in the middle of Girl, Overboard by my good friend aimee_ferris. That’s my lunchtime read. I like to read if I’m eating alone.

Other small things:

– I need to update my 101 in 1001 page. I’ve already failed on at least two of the tasks, so I’m thinking of modifying them so I won’t feel like such a loser. Bah.
– I’m behind on Big Brother. Haven’t had much time to stay on top of it, plus the whole snowy picture thing is annoying as all bananas. I need to watch it on the Web site instead of wrestling with those rabbit ears.
– Aidan likes the song U+Ur Hand. “I’m not here for your emmertamment!” He also likes Umbrella. And Seasons of Love.
– Aidan starts preschool next Monday. PRESCHOOL! My baby! Oh dear. He’s growing up. :O
– Last Friday was my last trip ever out to Pataskala. YES.
– There’s a new lead copy editor at work. So far, she seems pretty cool.
– I found a Playstation I memory card at Play It, Trade it for $4.99. SCORE!
– Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 is way fun.

My friend Erin found this really neat personality test site. I love personality tests. Here’s my badge:

Click to view my Personality Profile page

If you click on the badge, it’ll go to my site where you can get more info. Pretty cool.

Anyway, my stomach and Tara Road is calling, plus I’m getting weary, so off I go. ‘Til next time!

*pokes meimeigui*

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