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Another Picnic! (Pictures)

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My laptop is officially dead. It doesn’t even bother to turn on anymore. The motherboard finally fried itself out. Aidan is a little bit sad; he used to play many Nick Jr. and Sesame Street games on that laptop. I’m sad too. I liked having the option of mobile computing. But as I said before, I’d originally gotten a laptop for writing, and seeing as I haven’t done much of that lately….

Aidan doesn’t say “four.” He says “foe-uh.” It’s soooo cute. He’s also been eating like a little piggy. And watching the Care Bears movie where they go to Joke-A-Lot. Over and over and over and over.

I have a headache, and I want to sleep. Aidan was up at 9am wanting to play Hide-and-Seek. I was like “Dude, it is way too early for this.” He’s a bundle of energy, so I’m thinking a nap today is out of the question. Last week we got to take a nice long one together.

Last night, as I was putting Aidan to bed, he said “Let’s talk about feelings.” I figured it would probably be the last time he ever said anything like that, so I took it and ran with it. Boys, ya know?

I started reading Fast Food Nation today. Not sure if I should finish or not. I’m already pissed off enough at big companies and corporations. I finished Love, Stargirl and I really enjoyed it.

It’s hard to focus with a four-year old hanging around.

He’s been so cute though, helping me in the kitchen. Now he’s gathering lots of toys together for some sort of toy road trip. They’re going “somewhay-uh.”

I also enjoy it when my friends who don’t use their LJs often have RSS feeds on the sites they DO update more regularly. I’m not inclined to go to sites, but if everything is included in a nice list on Google Reader, then I’m happy.

I need more light in my apartment.

The people who live in the apt. complex I live in are psycho and nuts. This morning I got treated to slamming doors, a revving engine, and loud conversation outside my bedroom window. I’m afraid I’ll have to deal with psychotic neighbors the rest of my life. Houses in Chicago cost hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars and let me tell you, editors/secretaries will never, ever, ever make enough to afford one, plus they’re all smashed up against neighbors as well.

I updated Anywhere Is just a little bit. I have too many Web sites. I might close the review site down, no one ever visits and I keep forgetting about it. I’m having more fun with the wedding/ronni&adam site (

I can’t believe tomorrow’s the last day of September. Months in which I see Adam move much more quickly than months I don’t get to see him. I wonder what that will be like once I’m living in Chicago with him?

Okay, it’s time to get off the computer for a while. Later.

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We’ve Got a Place!

The site for the ceremony and reception has been booked!

Thanks to a very helpful person from the Low Budget Bride Live Journal community, I found out about a place that is pretty, reasonably priced, and convenient.

Adam and I will be getting married and receiving our guests at Mrs. Murphy & Sons Irish Bistro on November 01, 2008, at 3:30pm. A buffet dinner reception will follow immediately after.

I love the hardwood floors and the brick walls. That will fit in perfectly with our color scheme. I haven’t had a chance to visit the place yet, but I did send Adam out with a long list of questions to ask. Not only did he get them all answered, but he took photos as well.

They’re remarkably easy to work with, the price is right, and they have PARKING. A rarity in Chicago, let me tell you.

WHEW. Now that that’s out of the way, I can breathe a bit easier. Ceremony site is the major issue. It’s a small place, so we’re going to have to keep the guest list to a tiny minimum. But it’ll be better that way. Way more intimate.

Now I can relax. A little.

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Up & Down

Three months ’til Christmas. I’m hoping to spend it with a certain special someone, along with my family.

Maybe my birthday, too.

Last quarter of the year. Then it’ll be bye bye 2007, hello 2008. Another year of huge changes for me.

I want to watch My Big Fat Greek Wedding, but they didn’t have it at the library.

They DID have The Everything Weddings on a Budget Book, so I grabbed it. It’s so little and cute! And it matches my organizer.

I totally want this one, though: Anti-Bride Wedding Planner.

It’s pink. And cheap on Amazon (but not after paying $84754935 for shipping), but more expensive at Borders.

The library does NOT have the new Leven Thumps book and I am very sad about that. You can’t just order the first two books in a series and not order the rest! That’s just WRONG. Hopefully they’ll get it in soon. I’m going to be checking the catalog every single day and reserving the book the second it shows up.

Interfaith ceremonies are challenging to put together; I didn’t realize Jewish ceremonies had so many components.

I’m broke as hell. No Taco Bell drive-thrus for me. Not that I eat Taco Bell anymore.

Payday is Thursday, but every cent is already accounted for.

My DVD player SUCKS. I’d been waiting forever to get High School Musical out of the library, and my stupid player won’t play it. It also won’t play Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen, or Maid in Manhattan. Cheap piece of poop.

Fall is here, and my LJ has a new fall look. I finally said “bye bye” to the sponsored theme I had up; the one by the people who made those shoes.

I need a fall LJ icon. It’s hard to feel like it’s fall when it’s 93º F outside, so there have been no fall pictures.

Ohio weather is so annoying sometimes.

My hair is back to being all weird because it got wet. I had straightened it out all nicely. Oh well.

I’ve not been sleeping well. I fall asleep at about 12:30 or 1:00am, and I wake up at 3:30 or 4:00am, my mind racing, and I don’t fall back asleep until about 6:15am. Then my alarm goes off at 6:46am. *sigh*

I got an ARC of amanda_marrone‘s Uninvited in the mail and dude, Michael is HOT. There are no pictures of him or anything, but I can just tell. He’s HOT. I’ve read two chapters so far, and he is hot. Because he is a vampire. And teen vampires in books are hot.

The book is good so far, too. Amanda had let me read a chapter of it back when it first sold and I was hooked on it then. I’m excited to have the ARC. ARCs are cool.

I’ve eaten too much, as usual.

UGH, I got a telemarketer call at work today. ON MY LUNCH BREAK. Oh hell no, you do NOT bug me on my lunch break, okay? Ew. They started off with this “You’ve been entered to be in a sweepstakes for $25,000” bull crap, and I was thinking “Yeah, right, when are you going to try to sell me something?” Sure enough, at the end, they were like “You get all these free magazines and a diamond watch… but we would like you to pay for the TV Guide. It’s $3.95 a week.” Um, right. DON’T THINK SO. I don’t watch TV, so why do I need a TV Guide? And if I am really that curious about what’s coming on, I can check listings online. So I told her “I am not interested.” She hung up gracefully, but still. UGH. If I wanted to buy your shit, I’d call YOU.

The only time I let telemarketers sell me stuff was when it was the phone company calling to offer me something I was going to order anyway (caller ID back in 1999–which I no longer have because seriously, why pay $10 a month for that when I can just screen calls using my answering machine?–and DSL early this year. DSL is $19.99 a month, cable modem was $34.95, so yes, better deal for sure).

I totally got rained on today. It started sprinkling just a little bit when I got out of the library, then the skies opened on me as I was walking home. There was slight thunder and lightning, too. I couldn’t believe I wasn’t panicking. I used to get horrible attacks a few years ago.

Two-hour meeting tomorrow afternoon. Errata (ugh) in the morning, plus a marketing piece, and Word Sort vocabulary words. The professional development brochure was so much fun. I LOVE to “bleed” all over paper like that.

I feel weird. Not exactly sad, not exactly happy. I can tell it’s going to be another night of mind-racing, and little sleep. My body is all… wired. Tired but wired. I hate that sensation.

I want to speed through the next 400 or so days. I hate when I get that feeling because there is a lot to live for TODAY. Right?

I’m gaining weight again; my jeans are tight. I feel like throwing everything out in my apt and starting over with nothing but veggies and fish. But I won’t because well, that would be plain dumb! I need to stop eating dinner so late at night for one thing. I should be closing the kitchen down at 6:30pm every night. I also need to stop screwing around on the computer every evening for hours and hours. That’s just unhealthy, and I will be the size of a building if I keep this up.

But sometimes I don’t care. I get tired of trying to eat right all the time, and then STILL…never mind. Not getting into it. Not now.

I hate how the evenings go so quickly, but the workday crawls. How the hell is it already almost 10pm? :(

I hate how my memory is going to hell. I have a family history of Alzheimer’s, so this cannot be good. I took a memory test on Tickle and scored a 67%. :(

I hate that I haven’t written a word in any novel for two or three months now, and I just don’t have to motivation to even bother with it anymore.

My apartment’s a mess and I’m too overwhelmed to give a flying banana.

I guess I’m crashing, finally. I was on this “I just got engaged” high for 12 days, and now the reality of life is setting back in. Work, crap policies, play on computer, sleep, work, play on computer, sleep SEE AiDAN! ♥ work, play on computer, sleep. I guess I can’t be expected to stay on that sort of high for 400+ days, but man, this sucks. All the waiting. It sucks.


I should go to go to bed. I’ll probably be awake until 1am, but at least I’ll be lying down.

Well, a lavender bath first. Then bed.


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Conversations With Aidan

The scene:

It’s bedtime, and at Aidan’s request, I’m lying with him for awhile before he goes to sleep. We’re both giggly and silly, and rhyming words. I ask him what rhymes with all sorts of things, and he answers, with cute little giggles. THEN, this ensues:

Ronni (not thinking): What rhymes with kiss?
Aidan (naughty little voice): Piss.

I bury my head in the pillow and LMAO. He sees that reaction and keeps saying it over and over.

Aidan (giggling like crazy): Piss. Pisssss. Pisss.

Finally, I tell him that he can only say that word around me because other people might not think it’s a nice thing for little boys to say.

The thing is, my mom told me that when I was about his age, I randomly yelled out: GOTTA PISS GOTTA PISS GOTTA PISS PISS PISS!

So really, I wasn’t shocked at all that Aidan rhymed piss with kiss.

Or that every time I thought he’d dozed off, he’d whisper “pissss,” and get me laughing again.

Silly little boy.

“Mommy, we’ve got the giggles!”

Oh, and a word of advice. DO NOT listen to a certain Prodigy song in the car while an inquisitive four-year-old rides in the back seat. He will ask “what’s this song called?” and you will have to come up with something quickly, like “smack your bootie,” so he won’t repeat the REAL title of the song.

That is all.

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