So Happy Together Those of you who read my Facebook and those of you who are also friends with adamselzer already know. But I thought I’d post here anyway, because not everyone here reads Facebook or Adam’s LJ.

Thursday morning started as any typical day. I knew it was payday, so I’d be getting groceries after work, possibly stopping by Borders (I had a 25% off coupon), and maybe the library. I also knew I had a weird day ahead, because I had two meetings scheduled, one which was supposed to be three hours.

I’m not a big fan of meetings. It’s just hard for me to sit still that long and focus. I am also not a big fan of the room the meetings are typically held in, as it’s usually balls-freezing cold in there! Honestly, I take my electric heater in there to blow on my feet because it’s that cold. (For the record, I also have the thing blowing on me all day at work because it’s so cold there. It can be 97 degrees outside and I’ll be inside shivering in front of the heater). Anyway, the meeting actually turned out to be interesting, and I got to leave after 90 minutes anyway. YAY.

I went back to my desk and checked email. Adam had written and talked about getting me out to Chicago again soon. I rememebered I had a free SW flight that I was planning on using when he got his wisdom teeth out, but he said he won’t be doing that for a while so to use it for a visit. I started looking for seats and flights, and imagine my surprise when I found one available THAT EVENING. I called him, got the green light, went home for lunch to pack, came back to work, finished out the work day and at quitting time, burst out of the office, got to the airport, and was on the 4:55pm plane to Chicago.

Oh WHAT!!!

So I’m here now. Total last-minute, unexpected trip. We ate dinner at Pie-Eyed, hung out with some friends at Ambrosia Cafe (I found raspberry M&Ms at the 7-11 on the same block. They taste like Christmas), and then Adam and I went to Margie’s Candies, which is an old-fashioned candy shop and ice cream parlor. I couldn’t understand why he was so keen on going there, but as I hadn’t been in over a year and had been kind of craving it (despite being stuffed from eating junk food all evening). We shared a chocolate phosphate, he told me a beautiful story about his great-grandparents which ended with “so this is the ring he gave her….”

I freaked out. In a good way, of course.

For the record, this is the ring his great-grandfather gave his great-grandmother in 1924(ish). The ring that Adam gave me Thursday night:

So, I woke up Thursday morning, expecting a pretty typical day. I went to bed Thursday evening in Chicago, and engaged.


A year ago, I was saying I’d never do the marriage thing again. Well, I guess it just goes to show that I didn’t know what the hell I was talking about. Not to say that I don’t get scared sometimes, just because that’s my nature. When I’m not worrying about what other people will think, and not worried about my own foolishness and self-sabotage tendencies, I relax and I’m happy. I am happy. :D

I was hesitant to post it here because I haven’t yet told my mother or told some other people who should probably not learn of this through LJ, but my mom doesn’t have Internet at the moment and the other people won’t have Internet until Monday. So I’ve got time. :)


P.S. Jen Hathy, the person who takes the best photos of Adam ever, is posting pix on her DeviantArt site. Get there from here: saintscribble, and here’s the link to her DeviantArt site:

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