Last night, Tami came over with a cake that served two purposes. One was to congratulate me on the engagement.

The other reason was so I could taste the first wedding cake recipe!

Tami had spent hours making this cake for me. She used fresh lemons, whole milk, and two sticks of butter. The icing is buttercream and also homemade.


The flavor was perfect. It wasn’t too sweet, but it had so much flavor and it was so tasty. I gobbled a small piece down in seconds, and wanted a second bigger piece but I was so full I couldn’t finish it. My mouth was very happy.

THEN she showed me a drawing of what the design will look like:

Could she have done any better? This is freakin’ perfect.
I showed Adam the pix this morning on email, and he approves.
Tami’s doing our cake, YAY!!!!

And the cool thing? She left some of the cake here for me. Guess what I’m having for dessert tonight? Yummm.

Adam’s so cute. He asked me “If you get all the big stuff done now, aren’t you worried that you’ll have nothing to do later?” Oh dear. He has no idea. As long as one is planning a wedding, there is always something to do. But getting the venue secured ASAP will give me a bit of breathing room. Trust me, this bride WANTS to get the big stuff out of the way, then she can have more fun with all the little details.

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