Invitations by Dawn has DISNEY invitations. If I weren’t trying to save money and have a low-budget wedding, I’d SO get these:

I mean, how cute, right?

But… Helen did offer to rustle up some samples for me, so of course, that will be my first choice. I’m looking forward to seeing what designs she comes up with for me. In the meantime, I am having a lot of fun looking at all the different catalogs and Web sites, and ordering free samples. You’d better believe I’m ordering a free sample of the Mickey Mouse one. :)

My second choice is getting invitations from Ann’s Bridal Bargains. They have nice, simple invitations for as little as $35 for 100. I totally don’t need that many, I’ll probably only need to order 50, which is $30 or something low like that. Their most expensive is about $85 for 100, which isn’t bad at all. Most places charge at least $130 for that many.

So far, my favorite catalog has been Invitations by Dawn; they have an amazing selection of invites, many that would perfectly match the theme of the wedding, but unfortunately, they have the price tag to go with it.

This is a list of things I absolutely need, stationery-wise:
– invitations (reception info will be printed on the invitation)
– response cards/envelopes
– “save the date” cards
– “thank you” cards (but those will not be custom ordered; I plan to get a plain box from Target or something!)

I wonder if I could get inexpensive “save the date” cards from Vista Print. IBD has magnets, which is a very charming idea. Expensive, but charming.

Thinking of invitations also gets me thinking of the verses. Verse This seems like a wonderful resource for all sorts of verses for all sorts of ceremonies. As you should know, this is my second marriage, but Adam’s first. I have a little boy who is going to be part of the ceremony somehow. I need to communicate our personalities, the ceremony/reception information, and Aidan’s involvement in 14 or fewer lines, plus a few extra for corner copy. I’m thinking this site will be helpful. They have loads of ideas.

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