I’ve about had it with this apartment complex.

1. Friday night/Saturday morning, some jerk decided he needed to do his car repairs right then. Right outside my bedroom window. He revved his engine for an hour and a half. From 12:30 to 2:00am.

2. The lady across the hall asked me if she could use my phone. When I told her I was going to bed and that I needed to talk to Adam before I did so, she stood in the hall and yelled that I was a “damned liar” before going into her apartment and slamming the door.

3. The neighbor downstairs no longer has his loud sexfests because he and his girlfriend broke up, but he still blasts crappy music for 90 to 120 minutes almost every evening while he works out. His work out grunts sound like sex sounds.

4. The lady across the hall also stands at her door and yells “SHUT THAT DAMN NOISE” for no reason. I don’t hear any sounds. There is no way she can hear me typing on my computer. But she’ll stand there and yell and yell and yell. It’s really annoying. The management won’t do anything about it. They’ve tried but now, I think they just figure we have to deal with her.

5. Let’s not forget the chronic door slammer.

6. … and the really stinky apartment (I’m pretty sure it’s the door slammer’s.). It’s so bad that the management had to put those automatic air freshener things in the hall.




How long ’til I move to Chicago?

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