More like a TRYING Halloween for me.

I was at work for an hour when I got the call that Aidan had pink eye and needed to be taken out of preschool. I spent a good part of the day driving. I drove to preschool to get Aidan, then all the way to Pickerington to get medicine for him, and then up to Craig’s to take Aidan trick-or-treating. He didn’t even last an hour out there before he had to potty. After that, he was done. Well, not quite. He did take the time to put on his father’s costume:

Bob Ross Aidan
“Happy Wittle Twees!”

Aidan’s fine, though. I managed to get him to take the eye drops by telling him to close his eyes, then I put the medicine in his tear ducts. It’s how I do my own drops. Poor little guy, he’s been plied with so much medicine the past few days. :( First, it was a cold that turned into a bad cough. Then allergies. Then a sinus infection. Now pink eye. I say it’s just preschool initiation. Unfortunately, he’s passing that stuff on to me, and I just don’t have time to really be getting sick. Tomorrow, I have errands, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday are Aidan days, and then it’s back to work for another week. There is no full day of relaxation for me until November 17th, and that’s a long way away. I hope my body holds out!

And on that note, I’m going to bed. I’m sick again, and I just took a Nyquil to help me sleep. It should be kicking in pretty soon. I can’t afford to take time off of work. I’m trying to save my vacation for Thanksgiving, and I’m out of sick time, as usual. *grumble*

Sigh. I’m so tired.

Good night.

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