Adam and I spent last week together, with his family, in Atlanta. We popped in to Target to do our first registry. Good times. :)

We both had fun with the gun, even though it yelled at us from time to time. We tried to register for things that’ll be around for a while there rather than seasonal stuff; the wedding is still almost a year away. What’s challenging is that he and I both like fall colors, like oranges and browns and reds, and those are seasonal!
Speaking of the wedding, I haven’t done anything major with plans in a while. Well, I did pop into the Jessica McClintock store to peep at some of the dresses, but that’s it. I’m not sure I should even be worrying about much until I move. It’ll just be easier once I’m living in Chicago.
But, we’re registered at Target. At first, I thought about registering at least one more place—probably Bed, Bath & Beyond or Linens & Things, but we’ll see.
I had a great time with the Selzers in Atlanta. We celebrated Thanksmas, which is a fun combination of Christmas and Thanksgiving. With Eli & Melissa in California, myself in Ohio, and Adam in Illinois, it’s hard to travel a lot this time of year for both holidays. Sooooo, Adam’s mom, Sharon, decided to combine the two holidays.
It was a lot of fun. Sharon had told me once that I really fit in with the family, and I really felt like it all last week. :) I hear these stories about in-laws not getting along and I feel fortunate that won’t be a problem for me. I’m going to like being a Selzer.

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