To be honest, I don’t feel a heck of a lot like writing, but I’m going to babble on a bit until the generic Nyquil kicks in and hopefully puts me to sleep.

I’ve been non-stop sick for the past six or seven weeks and today, my throat feels like it’s on fire. My ears are burning too. And I’m having periodic coughing fits, especially when I lie down. This started (again) Sunday night, so it’s been a week—way too long for a sore throat. I have to clench my hands when I swallow, it hurts so badly. I went to Urgent Care a few weeks ago, got a z-pack, but I don’t think it worked because I vomited up the dosage the first night. Plus, the doctor MAY have taken five minutes to look at me, so I doubt his diagnosis was correct. I am going to have to suck it up and go out to Stonecreek after all, I think, even though it’ll kill my gas mileage for the week and I’ll have to take some unpaid time off of work. I’m thinking it’ll be worth it so I can stop feeling so sick. ‘Cause on top of all that, I’m battling a migraine.

YAY Leaves!

Still, sick or not, I had a wonderful time in Atlanta with Adam’s family. I flew in Monday night (November 19th), and stayed until yesterday. Nice, long, relaxing vacation. And I do feel very relaxed and at home at the Selzer’s. While there, I got to spend lots of quality time with the family, eat good food, and celebrate Thanksmas. Because most of us kids can’t make it to Atlanta for Christmas, Adam’s mom combined Thanksgiving and Christmas into one really fun holiday. I got spoiled. Rotten. And…not only did Adam and I get our first ornament together, but I also got my very own stocking with my name embroidered on it. :)

Here’s the ornament:
Our First Ornament

Among the gifts I received:

– An electric throw, which I am using now. This will totally help me save on energy costs this winter.
– Rent DVD
– Woody Woodpecker DVD
– Leven Thumps and the Gateway to Foo (and lots of other books)
– A cute tee-shirt that says “Life is Simple. Eat. Sleep. Read.” PERFECT!
– A cute hoodie with the snowman from Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. Under him it says “Ice Cold.” Again, perfect.
– Monkey Pajamas:
Monkey Pajama Girls!

It was very beautiful there. The fall colors were at the tail end of their peak, and most days, the weather was very nice. Check out the photos:

Autumn Colors
Nice colors.

Autumn Goodness

Take Two
The family.
left to right: Adam, me, Rich, Sharon, Cassidy, Marcel, Eli, Melissa, and Grandma Bel in the front.

I See Crazy People.
The family on drugs. Any questions? (KIDDING, no one is on drugs. Well, except Adam, me, Eli, Marcel, and possibly Cassidy, as we were all sick).

Adam & Ronni
Adam and me.

Santa Adam
Santa Adam.

Daddy Selzer
Rich carving. There were two turkeys. One fried, one baked and injected with all sorts of garlicky goodness.

More here.

So, not only did I get to spend several days with Adam (who was also sick), but I got to eat well, take loads of pictures, and spend time with awesome people. Granted, most of us were hopped up on cold medicine most of the time, the GOOD stuff that you have to show an ID to get these days, but it helped make it easier to enjoy the festivities. I just hope that tomorrow, I can survive long enough to make the appointment, get looked at, and get some relief.

Everyone posted about the things they are thankful for, so I’m going to do that too. What I need to do is do this WAY more often, because I keep getting caught up in what’s coming up in the future that I don’t focus on the good stuff of today. So here goes:

Aidan. He’s the best little boy in the world. He’s funny, he’s adorable, he’s smart, he’s talented, he’s the most giving, loving, precious person I know. He’s perfect.
Adam. Without his quiet confidence in me, I would have melted down a long time ago.
My Friends. Rosa (meimeigui), Andy (crimsonghost_oh), Tami (tamirabeth), Ivy (swankivy, Wanda (wlotus) most notably, for being there, for helping me get through the past year when things got hard for me. Some of you did rad things like flying me out to San Francisco for a weekend just to hang out and get away, some of you lifted me up with encouraging words through text messages, emails, and letters. Some of you were just there, being non-judgemental and supportive, even when I wasn’t so much so to myself.
People who love me, unconditionally. Very hard to come by, this. But I have a few, and I am blessed.
Live Journal. I love having this forum where I can share my life with people, and they share their lives with me.
– The usual things, such as having a job, food, shelter, clothing, etc.

I need to be more mindful of the good things in my life. There are a lot. Problem is, I’m scared that when I do become mindful, they’ll get taken away from me. I want to be thankful without fear.

A month from now, Christmas will be winding down. My birthday will have passed, and Aidan will be just about to turn five! December should go quickly. This weekend, Andy’s coming down to visit, then next weekend is NYC with Adam. The weekend after that will be the last-minute holiday stuff, and then, on my birthday, Adam gets in to town to stay with me for a week.

Coming back to Columbus was bittersweet. I had mixed feelings. On the one hand, coming back to the familiar—my own bed, my computer, etc.—was nice, but on the other hand, I am again without Adam for days/weeks at a time. There is crazy Joan across the hall, screaming abuse at the voices in her head or whatever. There is the guy downstairs who seriously sounds like he’s having sex with he’s working out. Sadly, I know this because I’ve heard him having sex. I know right? Ew! But you know that already, anyway. And there is work. A place where I love what I do so much, but there is so much other stuff in the dynamic of that place that just makes me dread going in. I don’t mind working. Humans are designed to work. I don’t like all the crap that comes with it. Just let me do my job and leave me alone, you know? But thankfully, copy editing is a job where I can pretty much plop on the headphones and tune everyone else out. And having the new Josh Groban CD will help tremendously. Groban’s voice can mellow anyone out.

Tomorrow, the plan is this:
– Going to work (should be plenty to do on my desk, plus a couple status meetings)
– Hopefully going to the doctor
– Hitting the bank
– Hitting up the pharmacy for some of the GOOD cold meds

That is all. Good night.

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