I went to the doctor on Thursday, because having a sore throat for two months is not fun, no matter what some deranged person might lead you to believe.

So, there was the sore throat, the headaches, the coughs. I got put on an antibiotic, which I started taking Thursday night. By Friday night, I was already experiencing side effects, but they were mild enough that I soldiered on. By Sunday night, I was doubly sick, shaking, weak, sweating, and exhausted. The sore throat and the coughing had subsided a bit, but now I’m dealing with something that is much worse.

So I’ve decided to stop with the antibiotics. Which means the sore throat and coughing will likely come back. However, I can go to work with a sore throat and while coughing. I cannot while vomiting, shaking, sweating, and worn out from the whole thing. And I cannot afford to take another unpaid day off from work.

It’s annoying. People there are so quick to tell people to go home when they’re sick, not even realizing that some of us don’t get the unlimited sick time that they do. The only reason I stayed home the past two days was because I was scared to drive, feeling as weak as I was.

So whether or not I’ll ever get better for good remains to be seen, but at least I won’t be living in the bathroom anymore. For now, at least.

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