The season has officially started for me. I saw How the Grinch Stole Christmas last night. The CARTOON one, not the Jim Carrey one. I’ve never actually seen that one. Anyway, for some reason, I thought I had the DVD, but I don’t. I go through this every year. I think I have the DVD and I realize I don’t, then I get surprised that I don’t have it. But last night, Aidan and I went over to my co-worker Heather’s house and we hung out, watched movies, and had a nice, relaxing time. It is amazing how traditions happen without even us realizing it. Apparently, Aidan and I ate McDonald’s last year. I said the same thing about the season not starting until I watched The Grinch. I didn’t remember any of this, but Rob, Heather’s husband, did.

Thursday, another co-worker and I went to see a free screening of Juno. We got tee-shirts and punch cards. It was rad. Like the movie.

In five days, the busiest days of the year will come into fruition for 2007. My birthday is December 20, and on that day, Adam’ll be flying in to town. Christmas is December 25, and then Aidan’s birthday is December 30. Life will be a bit busy.

I have a huge To Do list. Today, I have Aidan, and we’re under a winter storm warning, so I’m taking it pretty easy. I’ll be hitting the ground running sometime tomorrow.

Here’s the stuff I need to do:

– renew driver’s license (12/20)
– renew license plate tags (12/20)
– clean my room (that includes finally unpacking my clothes from my Atlanta and NYC trips, changing the sheets, and general tidying up)
– finish Christmas shopping (Aidan’s all that’s left—I want to get him an argyle sweater!)
– Christmas cards
– insulate windows with some of that plastic stuff you use with a hairdryer
– hair
– clean little Lucy’s litter box (thorough cleaning, not just litter exchange)
– burn a Christmas CD
– wrap gifts
– get groceries

It doesn’t seem like a lot, but when I’m at work all day and have limited evening time to do it, and a low tolerance for crowds, weather, and foolishness, believe me, it’s a hassle. But I’ll get it done. And I’ll be able to relax once Adam gets here. I hope.

Unfortunately, my sore throat hasn’t gone away despite the fact that I’m almost done with this round of anti-biotics. It’s a weird sore throat, too. It’s not scratchy, like a cold. It feels like something heavy is sitting on it. Sometimes it feels like the heavy thing is pushing something sharp into the glands or something. Or that something is sitting on my eardrum and poking it. Some nights I can’t even swallow, it hurts so much, and it moves from one side to the other. Today it’s on the right. A couple days ago, it was on the left. I’ve been downing the Naproxin Sodium like crazy for some relief. I don’t know what else to do. I might have to suffer with this indefinitely because the doctors never seem to bother looking further into this before writing me off with another script and if I put in one more anti-biotic I will seriously screw my body up. Time to switch up the pain relievers so I won’t get too tolerant. *sigh* Tylenol, here I come.

(Aidan just now, as he is watching Tom & Jerry: THE CAT DIDN’T FINISH HIS SONG BECAUSE THE MOUSE BURNED HIS BUTT!)

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