Adam is here, resting on the futon, doing something with his computer. We just got back from Upper Arlington, where we went in search of the crazy house. I found it very easily this time! Yay me.

We also went to Walgreens, where I bought the big 500 count bottle of Ibuprofen 200. My throat. My ears. I get about ten minutes of day when they’re not killing me. Other than that, I have to load up on the drugs to at least take the edge off, even if the pain never goes away. I can’t even swallow without flinching anymore. I don’t know what else to do.

Actually, I am tempted to ask my co-worker if she can get her father, an ear-nose-throat specialist, to recommend someone I can go to. I’ve been suffering from this for almost three months now, have seen two doctors, gone through three different rounds of anti-biotics, and I’m taking pain pills and putting in that nose spray stuff, and nothing’s helping. Every night I can expect to be in near tears because of the pain.

Other than that constant pain, I’ve been having fun. Adam got here on Thursday, my birthday, which made it a good day automatically. But I had a fun half-day at work. People gave me gifts and cards, and Heather bought me cocoa and a donut from Tim Horton’s. Yummy. Adam took me to lunch at Brio, where I had the Garganelli Carbonara. That evening, we went to another free screening of Juno (where I got a different t-shirt!), and then we had ice cream at Jeni’s Ice Cream. They serve weird flavors there, like one with cayenne pepper and one with goat cheese. I had the Belgian Chocolate ice cream. It was good.

Saw The Golden Compass also. Win.

Now that it’s Sunday (Semagic has an auto time updater), I’m gonna go try to rest. Aidan’s coming over tonight and well, there is no rest when Aidan’s around. Later!

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