After I moved here, for months I was fretting about my degree from Ohio State. I’m talking about the actual paper, the “diploma” if you will. I couldn’t find it. I was so scared I’d left it in the house somehow and it got thrown out or something.

I was beating myself up wondering why in the fresh hell wouldn’t the degree been one of the FIRST things I moved here? I had my high school diploma, and they were always displayed together, so where was my college degree?

I know Ohio State has to have record of my going there and graduating from there, and I could possibly get a copy of the actual degree/diploma with the case and all. But it still worried me that I might have been so careless with it. After all, I was the first in my family to ever get a college degree. I had teachers tell me I’d never make it through college. It’s a huge deal to me.

Well, earlier this week, I was making Adam suffer look through some of my old scrapbooks with me. When I went into the little pantry thingy to get another book, lo and behold, there was a red book-looking thing! My heart leapt. Did I dare hope? Could it be?

I pulled it out, and opened it, and YES! Hooray! My DEGREE!!

Now it’s displayed in my bookcase.

ETA 12/30:

Here it is!

My Degree!

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