We’re now knee-deep in the process of finding a new apartment here in Chicago – I hope to meet with our leasing agent down at the landlord’s office.

I have looked at one nearly perfect place – it’s about a block away from my current place, right across the street from an elementary school. It’s slightly smaller than my current place, I think, but it has some definite benefits, including:
– free electricity
– washer and dryer in unit
– storage space
– pantry
– lower rent than I currently have
The big problem with it is that I’d have to wheel and deal a bit to get to move there, since it’s a different landlord than I currently have (my lease isn’t actually up til October), plus there’s a month-and-a-half security deposit that might go up after the credit check. 
So here’s hoping the landlord can find us a deal to match it!

(Originally published at Anywhere Is…)

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