Happy 2008, everyone. I have a feeling this year is going to be amazing for me. :) Let’s see why:

– I’m moving to Chicago
– I’m marrying adamselzer
– Aidan’s 5, the best age EVER
– I have a new computer

It’ll be even better if this sinus pain or stuff would clear up.

Today was a so-so day. Healthwise, I was in the worst pain by far all day. Ibuprofen worked enough to make me very sleepy, but didn’t really knock out the pain. I called my doctor to see if he’d have mercy on me and prescibe me something to help me sleep, but I haven’t heard from him yet. Will try again tomorrow. Cause it gets infinitely worse at night, I don’t sleep, I’m miserable, and I am crap all day at work because of it.

I hope this thing clears away soon. The Psuedovent I am on is supposed to be thinning out this stuff, and making it come out of me, but I swear, things have gotten worse. My ears feel like they are perpetually on fire. And my eyes. People look at me and go “do you have pinkeye?” They’re red and all gunky and just, blah. I’m hoping that means things are draining and moving in there, but we’ll see.

Went to the dentist. That’s always fun. I have to get two fillings. Last time I went and they told me that, the cost was frightening and prohitibitive. This time, it didn’t seem so bad. I should probably get it handled before I move, because who knows how long I’ll have to wait for insurance after then? Other than that, my teeth look good, she said. Yay.

My dentist office is cool. I go to The Gentle Dentist. At my appointment today, I sat in a massage chair, and the hygenist and I chatted about Rachael Ray as the Food Network played above me. I got cherry toothpaste for my tooth polishing.

I think I should probably get my eyes checked too, and maybe get some new glasses. The problem is that my insurance says everything is “discounted.” Nothing is “covered,” actually. I’m a little bit wary, because there is no information about the size of the discount or anything.

newlifeinstpaul has been requesting that I post my recipe for macaroni and cheese, so here goes:

Ronni’s Macaroni & Cheese
elbow macaroni (or whatever shape you prefer)
shredded sharp cheddar cheese
shredded mild cheddar cheese
grated or shredded Parmesan cheese
shredded Mozzarella cheese
2% milk, or evaporated milk
vegetable oil

Boil the macaroni with butter, salt, and oil until desired firmness. Drain. Add the macaroni back to the pot, and turn on low heat. Add butter and milk. Gradually add cheeses, stirring as you do so. Once you have desired cheesiness, season to taste. Enjoy!

Very easy, very yummy.

Hmm. I had some other stuff, but now that the drugs are kicking in, the fuzziness is taking over and I am not quite sure of what that other stuff was. Well, one is that I am reading Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. So far, it’s delightful.

Lucy’s been awesome lately. She’s so chill these days, and I now LOVE having her in the room with me at night, or anytime I am in here. One of my favorite things to do is to lie on my tummy, and to have Lucy lie on my legs and purr. It’s so relaxing. Now, she’s taking a bath. :O

Brr! Cold! Temps in the teens and low 20s. But tomorrow, things are supposed to warm up again. Yay.

Yesterday was awful, it went SO SLOWLY! Today was a little bit better, except when the ibuprofen made me really sleepy. Tomorrow’s Friday, which means I’ll pop by the library on the way home, and possibly the grocery store to get some wine. Wine is really good at helping me sleep. :) Then, I’m going to enjoy my weekend of nothingness. Well, sort of. I SHOULD take down the Christmas decorations, as Christmas officially ends January 6th, but I probably won’t. We’ll see how I feel. I really want to get better, so I may simply rest.

Speaking of rest, I should try to do that now. The meds are kicking in hardcore now, and I want to lie down. I have to pay a bill first, though.

Till next time!

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