Day: February 14, 2008

A Good Day (Pictures)

First thing was that I got a text from my Adam telling me Happy Valentine’s Day. ♥

The work day went pretty quickly, with chocolate chip cookies, M&Ms, and a trip to Yankee Trader, where I found stationery for a penny a package!

A Darn Good Deal!
I got 12, but the guy only charged me for 10. :)

The rubber duckies on my desk celebrated the day and the season:

Quackity Quack!

I wish I’d been photographing the duckies all along, I have tons of them. Ah well, I can continue the tradition NOW, and pick up and continue once I’m settled and employed in Chicago.

And jamz tagged me for a Handwriting meme. YAY Handwriting!!!


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Things I love! ♥

Idea from kbaccellia who got it from someone else….

  1. Aidan
  2. Adam
  3. good friends and family
  4. good conversation
  5. reading
  6. writing
  7. spaghetti
  8. laughing
  9. autumn
  10. taking pictures
  11. gadgets
  12. words
  13. Nag Champa
  14. warmth
  15. pink
  16. Rent
  17. Little Lucy
  18. relaxing
  19. anticipation
  20. cuddling
  21. hugs
  22. Mickey Mouse
  23. Disney World
  24. sweets
  25. smiling


Happy Valentine’s Day!

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