So, after Aidan’s bath, he was in the living room drying off. I was in my room looking for something that was clean and also not packed. Not easy to do these days. I am in desperate need of a laundry episode. I’ll probably do a load tomorrow, just so I can have some packing/lounging clothes.

Anyway, while I was in my room, Aidan was in here, and I heard him say:


:O :O :O

I’m pretty sure he got that from his dad; frickin’ is not a word I use.

Although I have to totally agree with him.

Now, he’s playing with his toys and having them beat each other up. When I asked him why they’re fighting, he said they’re playing “The Lion Game,” which is a variation of my Bookwork Adventure game, apparently. Bookwork Adventure is like Mortal Kombat or something, only you defeat the enemies with big words. (YES, I KNOW I’M A NERD!)

And now he’s just finished singing something about his lion being “red and great.”

That kid and his imagination. :)

I need food. What should we have for dinner? I’m thinking spaghetti. :) That’s always a hit.

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