I’ve been working hard on the sorting, packing, and purging. I’m excited to say that it looks as though there is an end in sight! My goal is to be almost completely done by next Thursday, so I can take it easy the next few days. I still have to sort and pack:

– electronic/computer stuff
– the rest of my CDs
– the rest of my office stuff
– important papers
– NOW stuff
– kitchen
– nightstand stuff

The kitchen is the biggest job out of all of that. Oh shoot, there is a box under the futon I need to deal with too, but that gets lumped in with electronic/computer stuff.

This starting early and getting things handled is very nice. So much less stress. When I open a closet and see that almost everything is packed, I get all happy inside. :)

Today, I was sorting cassette tapes. I am going to throw away most of my old mix tapes because I have the songs on my computer now and can just make playlists on my iPod or whatever. But I found a couple of songs I’d forgotten about. One I just did a search for on iTunes and FOUND, with the + symbol which means there is no DRM stuff to deal with. :D YAY. I guess I never realized how popular the song Calliope House is. I like the Cowboy Jig version. I also found all of my cassette singles and albums. Some I decided to part with just because I already have the CDs or something like that. But I have a LOT of one-hit wonder singles which is just awesome. Or singles with remixes!! If I am not mistaken, Adam knows how to set up a tape player to a computer so that I can record music from the tapes and make mp3s out of them. YAY.

Okay, I’m just babbling because I’m hungry and excited that I found that song and that progress is being made. :D

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