About a year ago, I went to the mall to get some clothes that fit (remember, last year, I’d gained some weight because all I did was eat spaghetti and watch The O.C. on DVD). I walked by one of the kiosks and let one of the cute Israeli guys talk me into buying this stuff (and some of their other products as well). It was something I could ill afford, but I’ve never been able to fight a high-pressure sale by a cute Israeli guy. (That’s why I avoid that kiosk now.)

While cleaning off my chest of drawers, I noticed the bottle of the lotion. I’d put it aside in the “take to work and put in the free basket” pile, but then I picked it up and sniffed it. Mmm. Then I put some on. Yum. While not great for my dry hands, it feels amazing on the rest of me. And it smells amazing. So, while I don’t necessarily agree with their high-pressure sales tactic, I’m glad I bought this lotion. And now that I know I can get it online, where there is NO pressure to buy, I can move knowing that I can obtain my favorite lotion anytime I want.

It did not go the free basket at work. HA.

Their stuff is not cheap, but the stuff that I caved in and bought, I like all of it. So there you go. Not an endorsement for caving to high-pressure sales or anything, but that sometimes, you do get what you pay for. My arms and legs feel like freakin’ silk right now.

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