People like to feed you for special occasions or life changes, etc. I guess it makes sense. Breaking bread together is such a time of fellowship and togetherness. And fulfillment in more ways than one.

Yesterday, Dawn and Wanita took me to Bob Evans for lunch. I ate like a little piggy, but it was awesome. Today, I had a farewell party at La Chatelaine. It was awesome! Some of my favorite people came, and . For lunch, Karen and Sarah took me to China Dynasty, which was also yummy. I ate way too much today, but it was worth it. That’s me, trying to hit all my Columbus haunts before I head out to Chicago.

Various pictures of me and my co-workers from Zaner-Bloser.

Ronni's Good-bye (Goodbye?) Party
Me, Michelle, and Rebecca

Ronni's Good-bye (Goodbye?) Party
Me and Janet

Ronni's Good-bye (Goodbye?) Party
Me and Heather

Ronni's Good-bye (Goodbye?) Party
Jay, me (looking 12), and John

Ronni's Good-bye (Goodbye?) Party
Me and Tony (who is really broken up about my leaving, incidentally *giggle*)

Ronni's Good-bye (Goodbye?) Party
Sarah and me

Ronni's Good-bye (Goodbye?) Party
Laura and me


This picture of from China Dynasty this afternoon:

China Dynasty Buddha!
Karen (my Columbus mommy), me, Sarah ♥

So, how many days now? Tuesday is almost over, so five? Holy crap. Everytime a neighbor does something obnoxious (and believe me, it happens all the time), I just keep remembering how it’ll be over soon.

I’m eager to be there. To have all my stuff unloaded and in the apartment. But there are things I need to do here still, so it’s good I have those five days. I can’t believe it. It’s here!

Tomorrow’s my last day at ZB. Work has been insanely busy. Correlations, deadlines, adoptions. The days have been going quickly, but it’s been stressful. I did what I could, though, so I can leave feeling okay about that.

Been listening to my old House Blend CD. It’s good old Chicago house music. Totally getting me in the mood. That, some Bad Boy Bill, I should be good to GO.

Now I should GO TO BED. I’m sleepy.


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