Month: April 2008

Author Visit (Pictures)

I think that I need to make it a goal to meet at least one best-selling author a year. In 2006, I got to meet Jennifer Cruisie, Bob Mayer, and Alesia Holliday. Last year, I got to chat a bit with Brian Selznick, but the highlight was with I met the lovely Laurie Halse Anderson (halseanderson), and this year, it was Melissa Marr (melissa_writing), the author of WICKED LOVELY and INK EXCHANGE.

Melissa Marr & Me
Melissa and Me
She has awesome hair.

I’m always interested in people’s voices, and her voice is definitely not what I expected. She sounds a bit like laurenbarnholdt, actually. It was great to sit and chat with her about anything and everything. I’ve been to a few author events, and each one is different, each one is awesome.

It’s always inspiring to meet authors. Just knowing that this person sitting in front of you is where you want to be. OK, I know that I LIVE with an author which should be constant inspiration, but still, it’s nice to meet those I read about and talk to online, and whose works I enjoy.

Who’s next for me to meet?

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Being a Girl Part II

This is a continuation of my previous entry.

Even though I’m not all that hungry (because I just ate a cookie), I am craving the following things:

– McDonalds (a double cheeseburger and fries and a Hi-C)
– Kentucy Fried Chicken (two drumsticks and a side of mashed potatoes)
– Dunkin’ Donuts (a lemon donut)

Yeah, my mouth is wanting food. The rest of me… not so much. At least I’m awake now, though.

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Can’t Wake Up

I am sooo very sleepy these days. Well, except for stupid times such as three am. I was up from three to four this morning with a racing mind and heart, but fell asleep to be awakened at six by Adam moving around and stuff. I had to get up at seven to do some work, and I was done with it by eight-thirty. I went back to bed, fell back to sleep for a bit, and slept on and of until twelve-twenty. I’m still shaking the spider webs out of my brain so that I can work on the new freelance stuff I just got. WEIRD dreams I had. And seriously, I’m sitting here completely and totally parched because I am sick of going to the bathroom every hour. I just love being a girl.

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