Last night was a good night. My friend Sarah has been in town since Wednesday night which has been great, but last night was the first night we were able to really relax and enjoy the evening without obligations and whatnot. So, what did we do? Go on a Weird Chicago tour, of course! To make things even more fun, we met up with Jen and magecky413 at the tour site. The Ohio transplants were taking over the bus!

The Girls in Death Alley
Me (in my big ass coat), Becky, Sarah, and Jen in Death Alley

The tour, as always, was fun. I’ve been on tons of them, but each one is different because you never know which stories adamselzer will tell. I heard at least three new ones last night.

Jen in the Gold Room
Jen in the Gold Room at the Congress Hotel

Sarah in the Florentine Room
Sarah in the Florentine Room at the Congress Hotel

After the tour, we grabbed some food at Portillo’s and then came back to the apartment to eat and hang out. Then we decided it was time to teach Adam how to drop it like it’s hot.

Adam Dropping it Like it's Hot

Jen also astounded people with her amazing ability to put away large amounts of food in short amounts of time:

Jen Is Eating

Then we put on some Michael Jackson music and videos, danced and moonwalked and yelled “WOO” and “OH!” before finally calling it a night. All in all, a very fun Friday in Chicago. :) YAY.

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