I’m here at home, all by myself. Well, not completely by myself. The cats are here. Adam’s out doing a tour, but he should be home soon.

· I ate spaghetti with hotdogs (not Eckridge–while I am hunting for full-time work, ALDI brand foods are my friends, and will continue to be my friends even after I’m employed; the name brand stuff is just too expensive out here) and watched CLUELESS. I recited the whole movie!

· Cleaned like a fiend today. I did the living room, bathroom, bedroom, and my desk. We also washed sheets and comforters. Adam cleaned the kitchen. All that’s left are the litter boxes, which Adam will take care of. Hardwood floors are harder to maintain than carpet. I am constantly sweeping. I told Adam we need a Swiffer. At any rate, the place looks amazing now. When we were done cleaning, I burned green tea incense in the room and a floral incense in the living room.

· Lucy made me REALLY mad last night. I got her out of the bedroom to drink some water. She drank lots and lots and lots. Then she climbed on the bed and proceeded to pee on my pillows. My main pillow and Pandernoodle were in the living room, thank God for that, but still, she peed on the pillows! Grrr! I had to dump out half a bottle of Nature’s Miracle and get the pillows out of the guest room so I’d be comfortable. (I like to sleep on at least three pillows). Oh well. The pillows and cases are clean now. Dang cat. >:( She didn’t get any loving from me last night.

· Crookshanks is lying beside me on the couch. He is a very cuddly cat. I don’t get his motive for pooping in random places such as on beds, though. What is up with these cats and their “the litterbox is optional” attitudes? *sigh*

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· I was thinking of blogging at my domain again. But here are the issues:
1. I am not a Web designer anymore. All the layouts I used to make, which was nothing like what other people made? Yeah, that talent is gone.
2. On that same note, trying to decipher Word Press or b2 or whatever just takes too much effort these days. I just don’t have the patience I used to, not where there is LiveJournal and Blogspot with nice, neat templates already.
3. I love the community here on LiveJournal. I don’t want to lose that.

So, we’ll see. There are premade templates and layouts, but none of them are really ME, and I know to get that, I’d have to design one myself. And refer to #1 as to how I feel about that.

· I really like makeover shows such as WHAT NOT TO WEAR. Those shows are so much fun to watch. However, I have to remember the whole CENTRAL TIME thing, and when the TV says something is coming on at eight, that really means seven. Sometimes, I forget. If it’s a show I really want to watch, though, I set the DVR. I try to limit my TV watching to 1.5 hours a day. It’s all too easy to become a couch potato.

· I have a slight scratchy throat. I’m thinking a lot of rest tomorrow morning will help take care of it, and maybe some drugs too. Heh. Still…I feel a lot healthier (and would be even more if I’d quit eating so much) than I did in Columbus. Maybe it’s not having carpet, and not working in a cube farm that’s helping. I enjoy freelancing and working from home.

That’s it for now. ‘Til next time!

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