This is from my daily forecast:

Sun Quincunx Neptune
Apr 28, 2008 to Apr 30, 2008
This may be a challenging time for you. The physical symptoms you’re experiencing — such as vague feelings of weakness, a mysterious or unexplained illness or oversensitivity to chemicals, poisons and pollutants — are outward manifestations of a troublesome inner energy. Your defenses are not as strong as usual and you’re suddenly more susceptible to being overpowered by outside forces. Even the simple chaos of your daily life might prove too much; little things you normally don’t notice or are able to take in stride, such as traffic jams, noises of buses and construction sites, long lines and rude store clerks, suddenly seem to be a big deal. If being out and about in the big, harsh world proves too much for you to handle, don’t push yourself — cancel your obligations for the day and spend time at home. In times like these it’s best simply to be gentle with ourselves. Don’t expect too much from yourself in the way of strength or productivity. Intoxicants of any sort are best avoided at this time. Bland, comforting foods and beverages, such as warm tea and oatmeal, will help restore your physical balance.

All day Tuesday, I felt listless, exhausted, weak. Even though I’d been craving those spicy foods for a bit, the only thing I could eat was a bowl of cereal, and then some chicken and spinach for dinner. I had a cup of Earl Grey before bed. I’m glad I stayed at home and took it easy. This exhaustion is fading now; in fact, I can’t sleep at the moment (which is why I’m still up), and I’m starting to feel better. There’s a lot going on in my head, so it probably is manifesting in physical symptoms. But I’ll be OK. I know it.

Especially if I just avoid the wine.

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