Day: May 13, 2008

Happy Pills

Recently, Adam went through the medicine cabinet and took inventory of all the vitamins he and I have. Some were really old, from two roommates ago! Others were more recent. We came across Nature Made Stress B-Complex vitamins. They also have vitamin C and Zinc. Everytime I take them, I notice a huge difference in my temperment and outlook. Can they really be helping to take the stress away? I feel relaxed right now and content, so I guess so. :)

Usually, when I go on vitamins, I forget to take them after a couple of days, or the taste turns me off. But I plan to keep taking these, and to go back on Biotin as well.

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YAY and BOO & Other Stuff (Long, Pictures)

Monday was an up and down kind of day.

– Adam was sick.
– I was feeling really depressed and discouraged about you-know-what.
– Someone broke into my car. Almost a year to the day of it getting broken in last year.
– Now I have to shell out $$ to get the window fixed again. >:(
– I went to Barnes & Noble to use my giftcard to buy THE PATRON SAINT OF BUTTERFLIES and they didn’t have it.

– I booked a nice work-from-home freelance gig for Tuesday.
– I got a package from zenosidal full of Aidan goodness. There were school pictures, handwriting, progress sheets, a Mother’s Day card made by him (best Mother’s Day gift EVER) and an interview paper about me for Mother’s Day. It said the following:

What is Mom’s name? Ronni
How old is Mom? 43
How tall is Mom? Smaller than Daddy
How much does Mom weigh? 50 lbs.
What is Mom’s favorite food? Everything and spinach
What is Mom’s favorite drink? Fruit punch
What is Mom’s favorite color? Pink
What is Mom’s favorite television show? The Power Puff Girls
What is Mom’s favorite thing to do around the house? Bake
What is Mom’s favorite thing to say? Everything
My mom is the best because… She loves me.

(The last sentence made me cry).

– Adam and I got a package from Adam’s mom and dad that included cool things such as brandy snifters, cheese, and chocolate-covered sunflower seeds.
Adam: They’re trying to turn us into alcoholics!
– There was nothing in the car that interested the thieves, so nothing got taken out of it. Although I can’t imagine why they broke in to begin with. I guess to rifle through the glove compartment. I’m glad to have disappointed them.
– Got new books out of the library. Only 15 more days until I can take out more than five items at a time.
– Adam got me some Garrett Popcorn. OK, I know I know, I normally don’t like popcorn, but this, ladies and gentlemen, is no ordinary popcorn. If *I* am eating it, you know it’s good. I like the CaramelCrisp. Mmm. *pops some in mouth*
– I took a bath with a bath bomb. :)
– Gossip Girl. HOLY CRAP!
– This list is longer than the BOO list.

Cut for …. The Weekend with Rosa!

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