Banana Earrings! Today was a crazy day. I had set my alarm for 9:30am, because I don’t like lying in bed later than that. Okay, that’s not true. I LOVE lying around in bed until noon or one in the afternoon, but I feel like a terrible lazy banana when I do that (plus I need to get used to getting up at 6:45 again). Anyway, I was kind of wiggling around, because I always wake up right before my alarm is to go off, and then I heard my phone singing Love Potion#9. Adam brought me my phone, and when I answered it, it was the person I’ll be working with calling to offer me a job!

I will be working on newsletters and other communications for a concierge company in Chicago. I get to work in a very beautiful and old building, and best of all, it is accessible by public transportation, so no need to drive! It’s also across the street from a McDonald’s, which makes me very happy. And I think I’ll enjoy the job. I’ll be publishing, but not necessarily for a publishing company. A welcome change.

Because the place is professional dress, I need to get some dressier work clothes. My last two places were business casual and casual, so I wore khakis and polos, or jeans and tee-shirts to work. My professional clothing consisted of two interview suits, one skirt, and a couple of shirts, and one dress for which I really have no shoes that match. So, I headed out to the stores today to see what I could gather, because I start my new job on Monday.

Um…. have any of you seen the What Not To Wear with the lady who was crazily into the environment and she rode the pedicabs? She was TOTALLY freaking out in the stores. Just overwhelmed at all the choices and all the racks. Yeah, I felt like that today. I was having a mini-panic attack in the stores because there was so much. And then I’d FINALLY find something I liked only for it to not be in my side. Hours of shopping today resulted in two shirts, a suit, and some earrings. A pair of hoops, a pair of hanging, and …. a pair of banana earrings. Study the picture above closely. :)

That means I have to go back out tomorrow. And not freak out this time. I have other stuff to do tomorrow as well. Eeep!

I got to try Argo Tea today. I guess it’s like Starbucks, only you get fancy teas instead of fancy coffees. Mine was some sort of carbonated tea with peach. I think it’s called a Sparkle Tea. It was great. I also ate a lemon puff which was very yummy. I liked that place, but for sure it will only be a treat from time to time. I definitely won’t be spending $3 on tea every single day!

And on a sad note, some lowlife has stolen the Mickey Mouse antennae ball off of my car. (Fortunately, I have plenty in reserve, but I’m not going to put them out there for more lowlifes to steal. Grr.)

Another good thing is that one of my writer friends got some yummy news, but I’ll leave it for her to tell, and another one got approval to show her pretty cover. I feel sad that they’ve gone way forward and I’ve gone backward into nothing, but that goes to show who really wants and deserves this.

I had very yummy spaghetti for dinner. Mmm. I have a pretty good supply of Hunt’s tomato sauce now, thanks to Andy, a sale at Dominick’s, and the recent trip to the Meijer in Normal, IL.

And now, my darlings, I am off to have an ice cream bar. Adam brought me my favorite ones, the ALDI brand of the Nestle Crunch ones. Yummmy.

‘Til next time….

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